Our books

The EEI’s staff publications available either from a publisher or in the web: 

  • Teaching sustainability: modern challenges. – Lambert Academic Publ. 2019, available in the net
  • Modern European science policy: challenges and opportunities for Latvian perspective growth (E. Eteris and O. Sparitis, 2019), – SIA Medicinas apgards Publ., available in the net
  • Latvia in Europe and the world: growth strategy for a new centennial. – Zinatne Publish., Riga, Latvia. 2018. – 208 pp. Available in the net
  • Modern European Law for Businessmen: Lisbon Treaty in action. – RSU Publ., 2012
  • Musdienu finansu un ekonomiska krize Eiropa un Latvia: izeju meklejot; in Latvian, RSU Publ., 2011
  • Eiropas Savienibas Ekonomiska Politika un Latvia; in Latvian, RSU Publ., 2008
  • European Union: Economic Policy. – RSU publ., 2007
  • European Union: Taxation Policy, – RSU Publ., 2006