New series of articles: “Post-COVID’s” effect on national and European growth

Views: 23Introduction to the EII’s “Post-COVID” series of publications and research Establishing of a new line of EII’s research “block” is a reflection of the Institute’s interest in the changes in modern European political economy’s policies and in the “post-COVID’s” effects on European socio-economic integration, workforce and governance. The Institute is quite aware that sooner […]

Baltic States perspective strategy in view of the European financial resources

Views: 84The EU’s multi-annual budget for 2021-27 with about € 1,2 trillion and allocated € 750 bn as a “rescue package” for the states need the European Parliament and the national decision-makers to “prove” that the Commission’s expected set of measures and reforms is worth the investment. The rescue package’s “division” into loans (€360 bn) […]

EU tax policy in support of socio-economic recovery in the member states

Views: 161  Global challenges, digitalisation, sustainability and changing business models, to name a few, are creating new options and limits for tax competition with new opportunities for an “aggressive” tax planning. The suggested EU’s “tax action plan”, consisting of tens of Commission’s initiatives is a timely proposal to be implemented in the coming financial period […]

Youth in the labour market: EU’s “bridge to jobs” initiative

Views: 241One of the biggest problems in most of the EU member states is employment and, in particular, among young people. The problem’s vital component is education and training youth to future work’s “positions”; however, in this respect the EU’s involvement is limited to coordination and recommendation, as both education and industrial policies are almost […]

Politics, economics and finances: another 7 years in the EU’s integration

Views: 54Financial, economic as well as political outcomes of the post-summit period will definitely have historic implications for the EU’s integration in the coming seven years, and most probably for several decades to come.     Last month’s summit’s agreements are still on the agendas among the EU-27 leaders regardless the summer vocation. The outcomes will […]

The EU’s long-term budget: financial and corporate implications for the states

Views: 81The Commission’s rescue plan – the Next Generation EU- together with the multi-annual budget, increases the total investment into perspective socio-economic growth in the states for the next seven years to € 1.850 bn, almost double the amount of the previous period. The investments are aimed at: a) tackling the pandemic crises’ damages with […]