Workers’ rights in the EU: strengthening social dialogue and collective bargaining

Views: 40The Commission started the second-stage consultation with the social partners in the member states on a possible revision of the European Works Councils Directive – the first-stage took place in April; so far the Commission received replies from eleven social partners. The general idea of the new consultation is towards further EU-wide actions on […]

Essential services in the EU states’ governance

Views: 30Critical entities provide essential services in upholding key societal functions, supporting the economy, preserving the environment, ensuring public health and safety, etc. European Commission has adopted a list of essential services in the eleven sectors covered by the Critical Entities Resilience Directive (CER), which entered into force on 16 January 2023.  

Green transition: Europeans view the perspectives

Views: 17Over half of Europeans think that transition to a green economy should be accelerated regardless of the increasing energy price and concerns over reduced Russian gas supplies. Most people believe that climate change is a serious problem; but two-thirds agree that: a) the cost of damage due to climate change is much higher than present level […]

Fading European economy’s motor: frightening deindustrialization in Germany

Views: 49Recent article in Politico revealed some frightening for the EU-wide growth signs of economic decline in Germany. The main reason is a “toxic mixture” of such new factors in contemporary growth as high energy costs (though in some EU states energy prices have already fallen to pre-2012 levels), skilled-worker shortages and red tape, etc. […]

European strategy for universities: progress and perspectives

Views: 25Since the end of 2017, the EU institutions and the member states’ governance have elaborated a number of initiatives (following the Gothenburg Summit) aimed at reforming the EU-wide vision for education and culture. Thus, the European strategy for universities aims at supporting and enabling universities to adapt to changing conditions, to thrive and to […]

Modern transitions in business and due diligence

Views: 17The European Union sends a warning signal – “no more business as usual”; thus, to produce goods and services companies have to respect sustainability, environmental quality, human health, bio-diversity, etc.; hence, new rules in entrepreneurship shall be introduced. However, some stumbling blocks are still tarnishing present progressive moves including corporate governance resistance to changes; […]