Investing in the EU-wide science, research and innovation: latest outcomes

Views: 77Since 2014, there were eight EU-wide research and innovation funding programs with a budget of about €80 billion; Horizon 2020 (officially called Horizon Europe) is presently a functioning one for the coming decade. Its objectives are to stimulate economic growth, create jobs, foster collaboration in research and innovation, support excellent science and industrial leadership […]

European digital market: sustaining competition

Views: 26European digital transition has an important social component: i.e. it should work for all, putting people first and opening new opportunities for business. Digital solutions are also vital in combating climate change and achieving the green transition. However, competition in virtual worlds, generative artificial intelligence, GenAI and other large and small digital “players” is […]

Enhancing European economic security: new efforts

Views: 46The EU is the biggest export-import region: on the global scene, it is exporting over €3.1 trillion in goods and services and importing €2.8 trillion yearly. However, at a time of profound geopolitical turmoil and rapid technological changes, there are serious threats about the risks involved. During several last years the EU has learned […]

European educational revolution: progressive factors

Views: 35Presently there are a number of vital issues in the revolutionary process of educational transformation in the EU member states. Some of them are covered in this article: such as , for example, contemporary complex challenges in the revised education policies, global and European regulatory measures in education, the EU’s twin transition in the […]

Sustainability in the European insurance sector

Views: 247The world-wide sustainable development goals, SDGs and the sustainability concept in general, are quickly entering various corporate sectors, including such previously distant ones as insurance. Hence the need to show some ways sustainability is already being incorporated into the insurance sector’s development through vitally important innovation and progressive initiatives.   

European data governance through regulations and management

Views: 49In mid-December 2023, the EU institutions have reached an agreement on the EU-wide rules governing the use of artificial intelligence (AI), as well as regulations some issues concerning digital platforms’ use in government service, in bio-metric and medical surveillance, etc. Managing other AI’s applications, such as ChatGPT and “big data” platforms are subject to […]

Online platforms in the EU: Digital Service Act in action

Views: 50The Digital Services Act, DSA determines very large platforms EU-wide with more than 45 million users; they have to meet special legal obligations. The EU digital law has already designated about 20 very large online platforms and search engines: the process will continue to meet customers’ intentions and make sure the necessary compliance with […]

Combating fraud in European cross-border payments

Views: 10New rules provide the EU states’ tax authorities dealing with payments opportunities to detect VAT fraud more easily, with a particular focus on e-commerce, which is the main concern to VAT non-compliance and fraud. The issue created big holes in the states’ tax revenues that often used to support for vital public services. New […]

European taxation for multinational companies

Views: 22Most of the rules on corporate taxation are set by national authorities and can be different among the EU member states. New EU rules on taxation in external trade have entered into effect in January 2024 introducing a minimum rate of effective taxation of 15 percent for multinational companies active in the EU member […]