“Repowering” Europe: energy policy’s strategy in action

Visits: 10Specific EU-wide program called REPowerEU is aimed at assisting the member states in three main developmental directions: a) saving energy, b) clean energy production and use, and c) diversifying the states’ energy supplies coped with a wide use of renewables. The program’s implementation helps, e.g. to safeguarded the households in EU and businesses from […]

European clean energy transition: dialogues with the stockholders

Visits: 20Industrial development in the EU member states has a vital role in the green transition. Besides, with a view to a sustainable Europe, the “green deal” remains the EU-wide industry and growth strategy. Current geopolitical context has strengthened the intentions to maintain boosting Europe’s global position in strategic zero and low carbon energy technologies. […]

Critical raw materials: new trends in European policy

Visits: 17Supporting EU-wide clean energy technologies and development, as well as promoting the EU policies contributing to resilient value chains (to concentrate on the minerals and metals supply chains) are presently most relevant for the clean energy agenda in the member states.  

Open and competitive digital market in Europe: urgent necessity

Visits: 18During last four years the EU’s institutions, mainly the Commission, have been elaborating effective measures to manage the digital challenge in the member states. Two vital legislative acts have been adopted and enforced recently involving both the digital market and the services:  a) concerning the EU-wide digital services’ facilities, and b) optimizing the functioning […]

Targeted actions to boost European bio-technology and bio-manufacturing

Visits: 28Present socio-economic, demographic and environmental challenges are reinforcing the bio-economy’s industrial dimension and its closer links with the biotechnology and bio-manufacturing sectors. Corresponding Commission’s actions will contribute to stronger economy in the member states and stimulate the demand and market uptake for bio-manufactured products. 

Market exchange rates: “real” and hidden payments

Visits: 13Hidden fees in international payments have been always a common place. However, in the EU they have been banned legally since 2020 for cross-border payments among the member states. But, it is still a serious problem in trade outside the EU-27 that cost people and businesses in the EU about €30 billion in 2023 […]

Higher education qualification’s recognition: towards European degree label

Visits: 7A year-long EU project, initiated and guided by the European Commission, advised the European Universities Alliances to examine and facilitate the delivery of the joint European degree “label”. The European approach for joint programs, adopted by the member states’ education ministers can ease external quality assurance, based on Bologna process’ criteria, and bring more […]

Supporting agro-sector in the EU states

Visits: 12Quite often the EU member states’ leaders are discussing agricultural issues with the EU institutions and, particularly, with the Commission as a main EU executive organ. Thus, recently the Polish Prime Minister Tusk and the Commission President von der Leyen held an in-depth discussion on a new series of the EU proposals. 

European agriculture’s future under discussion: online survey

Visits: 20Agricultural policy is about many things, including not only food production and safety, public health, environment, climate and trade; it is also to consider the cumulative impacts of numerous modern challenges on different aspects of agro-policies and tackling climate and biodiversity challenges from other parts of the economy. The EU agro-policy is being discussed […]

Modern European defense strategy based on a specific industrial program

Visits: 10The newly created European defense strategy, EDIS is a reaction of the EU institutions and the member states on the EU-wide security challenges. It is aimed, generally at enabling to “transit” from “crisis response” to more feasible “structural defense readiness”. The European defense spending have become too complicated recently: there are too many different […]