The EU-wide anti-coercive measures entered into force

Views: 14In recent years, the EU member states have become the target of deliberate economic pressures. The EU-wide anti-coercive instrument ACI, which entered into force at the end of 2023, is aimed at establishing a framework of measures in cases of economic coercion. Additionally, a single point of contact is established to assist in the […]

Monitoring SDGs in the European Union

Views: 22National obligations to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs require more active monitoring and control over reforms and measures. In eighth monitoring reports issues by Eurostat during last fifteen years some progress and drawbacks are seen to show national efforts in sustainability.  

Generative AI: recent legislative effort in the EU

Views: 14Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI, for short) is artificial intelligence capable of generating text, images or other media while using generative models. As a rule, Gen AI focuses on creating new and original content, on chat responses, designs, synthetic data, etc. GenAIs are already transforming businesses and allowing humans to be more creative and productive. […]

Funding European digital transitions in 2024

Views: 8The Commission adopted in mid-December the amendment to the EU-wide Digital Europe Program for 2024, assigning €762.7 million in funding for the process of the European digital transitions aimed to benefit citizens, public sectors and businesses in the member states. 

EU-wide plans to achieve sustainability: updating national plans

Views: 25In December 2023, the Commission called on the member states’ governance to enhance national efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and set out clearer plans on adaptation to climate change. Besides, the Commission also invited the states to better prepare for an increased uptake of renewables and to enhance energy efficiency measures.   

Modern “climate consensus”: multilateralism and diplomacy in action

Views: 17The COP28 was a sobering reminder that the world was far off its targets in climate actions: i.e. global emissions continued to rise by 1.5% a year, when they have to be reduced by 7% annually to keep the goals of Paris climate agreement by 2030. Among main outcomes of the recent summit has […]

Digital labor platforms: expected EU-wide regulation

Views: 26Decent working conditions to people working through digital labour platforms are the aims of a new EU directive. The idea has been supported by a political agreement between the European Parliament and the EU member states on improving working conditions in platform work; the directive drafted by the Commission already in December 2021. The […]

Post-COP28: lessons and perspectives

Views: 22After about two weeks of negotiations, the leaders of the world in Dubai, UAE have agreed on a “final deal”. For the first time in the thirty years of COPs history the political deal calls on global community to “move away” from the use of fossil fuels (coal, gas and oil), though not “phasing […]

Artificial intelligence (AI): the EU and world-wide regulatory efforts

Views: 11Existing and potential AI’s benefits are enormous to all walks of human life, i.e. for households, business and the economy. However, the acceleration and AIs implementation brings new challenges. As the AI’s regulatory front-runner, the EU is contributing to AI governance world-wide. By setting the AI standards, the digital community can pave the way […]

European values and interests: EU-China summit’s results

Views: 16High-level dialogues on strategic and foreign policy issues including human rights and trade, economic relations and climate, environment and digital issues, etc. have been under closer attention during the China-EU summit. It demonstrated the EU’s commitment “to be engaged” with China, as the Commission’s press release put it.