Balancing views and approaches needed in de-globalisation and security

Views: 41Remarkable effects of the rapidly changing global political and economic situation, as well as its global “managerial governing structures”, have strong implications for the European lading positions and the member states’ growth patterns. Looking at “fragmentation” in the present pace of globalisation (or de-globalisation, if one likes), it is vital to see the political, […]

Business in the new century: transforming political economy and entrepreneurship

Views: 52European states and the global community are slowly returning to new post-covid realities while fiercely combating to reduce hardship to millions of families and negative effects to economy. In efforts to move forward on existing challenges, protect workers and consumers, increase energy security, etc. state and regional leaders have to accelerate, protect and modernise […]

REPowerEU chapters in national recovery and resilience plans

Views: 43Modern governance systems in the EU member states are facing mounted difficulties in implementing requirements from the EU institutions regarding the so-called REPowerEU chapters in national recovery and resilience plans. The difficulties are not only connected to new and rather complicated character of new obligations; they require restructuring of national economies according to new […]

Tackling modern European energy policy challenges

Views: 29Deep changes in Europe and the world, which have generated growing tensions in politics and economics, need scientists’ closer attention. The real challenge is to understand the core and essence of these changes so that national governance can manage them for the common good. Such an understanding is also required in analysing the urgent […]

Dealing with challenges and problems: latest EU news

Views: 31EU institutions, mainly the Commission, and the member states, while dealing with the modern challenges, are facing at the same time running difficulties connected to the present critical situation with energy, inflation and rising living standards. Some states manage these problems better than others, but some issues are still there and need resolute approaches… […]

Fundamental changes in the European agro-sector: resolving challenges

Views: 21The EU “farm-to-fork” strategy offers a clear roadmap for a truly sustainable, healthy and fair food-farming system, while supporting farmers, ensuring future food security. However, agro-industry lobbyists, as well as some European Commission’s departments, are not truly anxious to implement the strategy. While the new CAP is becoming a stronger driver for national agro-business, […]

European “green industrial” development: plans and solutions

Views: 44Economic perspectives in the EU “net-zero-growth” are clear enough: new markets are on the doorstep with breakthrough clean technologies, which will also transform the whole energy systems. Active investors will secure a place in the new economy’s paradigm by rejuvenating industrial manufacturing bases and creating newly skilled workforce. The EU also intends to hold […]

“Sustainable business” on both sides of the Atlantic: controversies proceed…

Views: 29The US administration’s IRA legislation provides for public investment to boost an emerging sector of “green economy”; the efforts are supplemented by regulating expanded federal tax collection and some pharmaceutical-drug price controls. The IRA authorized at least $369 billion in subsidies for clean energy projects and products: in this way, a new US industrial […]

Main global technological trends: World Economic Forum’s view for 2023

Views: 356Modern breakthroughs in new technologies, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, nano-technology, quantum computing, bio-technology, the internet of things, 3D printing, fully autonomous vehicles, etc. will drive national developmental priorities for 2023 and beyond. World Economic Forum warns, however, that world leaders “urgently need to seize the opportunity to direct technology towards positive ends”.