Scientific Board

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EII’s scientific governance team is composed of the following prominent scientists working on a voluntary basis:

Udo Simonis, Germany (sustainability, political ecology and “green growth”)

Ojars Sparitis, Latvia (science, culture, research and innovation)

Mark Entin, Russian Federation (legal aspects in global and European context, as well as sub-regional political and economic development)

Eugene Eteris, Denmark (education and training, national political economies, EII’s publications)

Taina Tukianen, Finland (entrepreneurship and business technology)

Participation in Conferences
  • Latvian University, International Conference “Innovation –XXI century’s power”, Riga (25.02.2020); E. Eteris, speaker at a Panel’s session and the report “Smart Specialisation Platform: EU’s macro-regions and their specialisation”.
  • XXI International Scientific Conference “Sustainable economy: the Latvian story”, Turiba University, Latvia-Riga. April 21, 2020. E. Eteris, speaker at a plenary session.