Scientific Board

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EII’s scientific governance team is composed of the following prominent scientists working on a voluntary basis:

– prof. Udo Simonis, Germany (sustainability, political ecology and “green growth”)

– prof. Ojars Sparitis, Latvia (science, culture, research and innovation)

– prof. Mark Entin, Russian Federation (legal aspects in global and European context, as well as sub-regional political and economic development)

– prof. Eugene Eteris, Denmark (education and training, national political economies, EII’s publications)

-prof. Taina Tukianen, Finland (entrepreneurship and business technology)

Participation in Conferences
  • Latvian University, International Conference “Innovation –XXI century’s power”, Riga (25.02.2020); E. Eteris, speaker at a Panel’s session and the report “Smart Specialisation Platform: EU’s macro-regions and their specialisation”.
  • XXI International Scientific Conference “Sustainable economy: the Latvian story”, Turiba University, Latvia-Riga. April 21, 2020. E. Eteris, speaker at a plenary session.