EU-wide education area for 2025: ongoing initiatives and trends

The Commission approved a report on progress towards the achievement of the European Education Area by 2025; the report takes analyses the ongoing initiatives and trends on progress to attain EU-level targets in education and training. The progress report is assisted by the Education & Training Monitor with the EU-wide analysis of education and training […]

Perspectives for farmed seafood in seas around Europe

Farmed seafood has been for long identified as a low-carbon source of food and feed; additionally, algae have a growing number of potential commercial uses in such sectors as pharmaceuticals and plant bio-stimulants, bio-packaging, cosmetics and biofuels. With the recent EU’s “algae initiative”, the Commission wants to unlock EU algae sector potentials by supporting the […]

EU funding for Latvia with €4.6 billion: supporting progressive growth

The EU financial assistance to Latvia with €4.6 billion through the Union’s cohesion policy funding up to 2027 is aimed at supporting economic growth, territorial cohesion and improving social fairness. EU funding will be invested in national green and digital transitions, in boosting innovation in the economy, as well as in healthcare and social services. […]

Minimum wage: perspective European socialist agenda

Securing adequate minimum wages for workers in the EU has been a long-standing theme in the EU-wide social agenda. This September was a pivotal moment: the draft directive was endorsed by the European Parliament to confirm an agreement between the Parliament and the Council in June while providing hope for a successful adoption of a […]

European Interreg: programs for sub-regional recovery and resilience

Priorities in the EU’s Interreg program – concerning the Baltic Sea region (BSR) – include three main directions: save the sea, connect the region and prosperity. Already there are 48 projects’ applications contributing to such activities as innovation, energy, transport, bio-economy, spatial planning, etc.  

EUSBSR in successful cooperation: the ways forward

The set of articles on the EU’s macro-regional strategies (and the EUSBSR, in particular), was aimed at: first, informing the readers about present Baltic Sea countries’ issues; second, showing the role of numerous organizations involved in the progressive strategy’s implementation; and third, to visualise the strategy’s ways forward… 

EUSBSR-22: Towards the Baltic’s Regional Priorities

The two-day forum focused on several modern challenges: i.e. energy and social security, climate change measures and crises resilience, the green and digital transitions, etc. The third article in the series on the EU’s sub-regional strategies describes the Baltic region’s efforts in dealing with challenges, and additional attention to innovation and funding projects. Besides, some […]

Sustainability in the Baltic Sea region: EUSBSR in action

Specific sub-regional cooperation among the EU states has been acknowledged only during the last decade: i.e. in 2009 the first EU strategy for the countries around the Baltic Sea area was adopted, which presently successfully integrated into its agenda the sustainability, digital and circular economy issues. Presently, regional and local authorities in the Baltic Sea […]

European strategy for the Baltic Sea region: planning and practical implementation

The annual forum of the European Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, EUSBSR is the largest event in the strategy’s development which takes place for the 13th time in Finland. The event brings together not only the stakeholders implementing various strategies’ policies, but also those interested in the Baltic Sea regional growth issues. Among the […]

Renewables in EU: off-shore wind farms in the Baltic Sea area

Fossil fuel component occupies one of the central roles in present energy crisis: hence, the states need an efficient use of existing sources of energy, coped with “green transition” in circular economy and active use of renewables, e.g. hydrogen and wind power. The EU recent REPowerEU plan is an integral part of a general solution […]