Smart specialisation strategy (3S) returns to the EU agenda

Hits: 0The ideas of the so-called “smart growth” and member states’ abilities in “specialization” have been introduced into the EU integration perspectives already over a decade ago. It was regarded both as one of the strongest facets of modern EU’s political economy and a specific economic modernisation tool in the member states’ growth patterns. It […]

New infringement decisions package: Commission’s monitoring service

Hits: 10In infringement decisions the European Commission pursues executive and legal action against the member states for failing to comply with their obligations under the European law. These decisions, covering various sectors and EU policy areas, aim to ensure proper application of the EU-wide legislation for the benefit of citizens and businesses.  

Fisheries in the Baltic region: modern reforms and initiatives

Hits: 12EU states and fisheries sector are contributing to the recovery of fish stocks in the sea basins. Still more efforts are needed to fully implement the common fishery policy, CFP which contributes to a healthier marine environment and maintains the sectors’ profitability in the coming decades. Along with other priorities, it is crucial to […]

Global and macro-regional problems in the Baltic Sea area

Hits: 41Countries around the Baltic Sea are both a vital force in resolving the EU-wide regional issues and in active part in the global efforts to tackle modern challenges. The 14th EUSBSR forum’s discussions were rotating around regional security, sustainability, connectivity and prosperity. These issues need closer governments’ attention, innovative strategies and additional efforts in […]

The 14th annual EUSBSR forum: resolving modern challenges

Hits: 39The EUSBSR-forum in Riga (4-6.10.2023) has in its agenda four main goals: exchange of best practices of cooperation, stronger integration within the Baltic Sea Region and beyond, forming synergies between various priority areas, and creating links between the strategy and the public. In the forum’s background will be the EU new Cohesion Report (issued […]

EU Climate issues and “carbon leakage”: towards “green growth” around the Baltic Sea

Hits: 14Climate change has become a vital problem in Europe and the countries around the Baltic Sea Region, BSR. The EU-wide climate ambition with rather stringent climate policies in the member states (and in many non-EU countries) involves a risk of the “carbon leakage”, which occurs when companies based in the EU move carbon-intensive production […]

“Green transition” in the EU: additional investments’ examples

Hits: 8Several EU member states which lack resources for a proper national “green” transition and climate mitigation (i.e. Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia) have received recently sufficient support from the EU investment facilities. The amounts disbursed in June 2023 are bringing the total disbursements from the Modernisation Fund since […]

European circular economy: urgent measures needed to reduce waste

Hits: 11Recent Commission’s assessment report on the EU-wide goals towards reducing landfill municipal waste by 2035 underlined that only nine EU states – or just one-third of the block – were able to reach the goals. The report also presented some initiatives that could contribute to a more circular economy’s patterns and would support the […]