European and global political economy: transformation efforts

Visits: 1European states and the global partners are facing profound challenges to which national governments alone are unable to adequately respond, e.g. energy and climate, biodiversity and transport, sustainability and circular economy, to name a few. However, in dramatically altered global governance, all sorts of cooperation are becoming ever more difficult. Most governments in the […]

European clean energy transition: dialogues with the stockholders

Visits: 20Industrial development in the EU member states has a vital role in the green transition. Besides, with a view to a sustainable Europe, the “green deal” remains the EU-wide industry and growth strategy. Current geopolitical context has strengthened the intentions to maintain boosting Europe’s global position in strategic zero and low carbon energy technologies. […]

Critical raw materials: new trends in European policy

Visits: 17Supporting EU-wide clean energy technologies and development, as well as promoting the EU policies contributing to resilient value chains (to concentrate on the minerals and metals supply chains) are presently most relevant for the clean energy agenda in the member states.  

External aspects of European integration: energy transition in Africa

Visits: 8The European integration process has been proceeding along two fronts, i.e. through internal and external facets: on the former, there are several integration blocks (i.e. numerous “unions” like energy and security, health and digital, etc.), on the latter, there are several partnerships with other global regions and countries. For example, closer relations appeared recently […]

Nature-related effects and risks in corporate activities

Visits: 17Scientist have often warned that human activities have transformed not only climate and environmental quality, but the nature’s equilibrium too. Disclosing of corporate effects on nature and climate change is increasingly becoming used: e.g. the US Securities and Exchange Commission has made such disclosures mandatory for public companies, following the initiatives from the European […]

Transatlantic economy: growing connections between Europe, the US and the world

Visits: 26Three main “actors” in world economy- the US, China and the EU- account for about three-fourths of the global GDP. However, two economies in trans-Atlantic relations, i.e. the US and EU have already become strong drivers in progressive global growth. The transatlantic economic ties provide, e.g. for 16 million jobs on both sides in […]

European ways for growth through recovery and resilience: midterm review

Visits: 54Since early 2021, the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility, RRF has been transforming the member states’ socio-economic development. The EU-27 states adopted national recovery-resilience plans, NRRPs in line with the RRF’s requirements and according to nation-specific growth reforms. Bringing additional clarity to the EU-wide transformation efforts during the three years in action, the review […]

Enhancing European economic security: new efforts

Visits: 36The EU is the biggest export-import region: on the global scene, it is exporting over €3.1 trillion in goods and services and importing €2.8 trillion yearly. However, at a time of profound geopolitical turmoil and rapid technological changes, there are serious threats about the risks involved. During several last years the EU has learned […]

The EU-wide anti-coercive measures entered into force

Visits: 13In recent years, the EU member states have become the target of deliberate economic pressures. The EU-wide anti-coercive instrument ACI, which entered into force at the end of 2023, is aimed at establishing a framework of measures in cases of economic coercion. Additionally, a single point of contact is established to assist in the […]

Generative AI: recent legislative effort in the EU

Visits: 14Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI, for short) is artificial intelligence capable of generating text, images or other media while using generative models. As a rule, Gen AI focuses on creating new and original content, on chat responses, designs, synthetic data, etc. GenAIs are already transforming businesses and allowing humans to be more creative and productive. […]