COP-27: perspectives for climate change’s mitigation

Perspective solutions concerning climate change were discussed at a yearly summit of world leaders in Egypt this November. Although skepticism towards any new solutions generally dominated the discussions, some decisions are well worth mentioning, e.g. creating a special fund for “loss and damages” for states suffering most. However, strange enough, global leaders still are not […]

Facing global challenges: European climate action’s strategy revealed at COP-27

Annual global conferences on climate change usually attract leaders from around the world; this time is COP27 UN Climate Change Conference taking place in Egypt during November. The European Commission will address participants with a plea to take urgent practical actions to bring down greenhouse gas emissions and respect the commitments already made in 2015 […]

Reuters’ NEXT global forum: a vital platform for fruitful discussions

Reuters’ NEXT global forum is an interesting, noble though complicated initiative in a set of a world-wide network contemplating modern challenges. However, it is a timely one at the right moment with present global and regional problems with enormous geo-transformations and calamities. Four key themes are in the forum’s agenda: leadership in times of instability, […]

Commission’s working plan for 2023: confirming integration process

On 18 October 2022, the Commission adopted its work program for the next year to deal with modern challenges and looming crises and with a due attention to the ongoing EU-wide green and digital transformations. Making the member states more resilient, the Commission will support both people and businesses by reducing energy prices, securing the […]

European Political Community: vital step in formation

In the beginning of October 2022, a special even took place for the European political elites: the EU-27 leaders hold a historic meeting in Prague Castle -though an informal one –joined by participants from over a dozen nearby countries, e.g. the UK, Turkey, Ukraine, etc. At the inaugural meeting of the European Political Community, the […]

Boosting sustainable investments: the EU Global Gateway strategy

The EU is stepping up its investment efforts to assist in developing infrastructure around the world: during 2021-27, the EU institutions and the member states (so-called Team Europe) jointly mobilized about € 300 billion to support such spheres as digital agenda, climate and energy, transport and health, education and research. 

Science and research in solving major global-national problems

Present multi-faceted crises’ period and associated global challenges represent a strong wake-up call for modern governance structures in finding most optimal ways to recovery and resilience. A great helping hand comes from all sectors of science (exact, natural, social, etc.) to provide national decision-makers with an expert opinion on resolving national priorities in political and […]

Culture for national sustainable growth: EU-wide perspectives

Contemporary findings have shown that culture in all its forms, expressions and meanings, must be at the heart of any transformational path for human development. Specifically, it is time to think of culture as a vital “instrument” in reaching for optimal SDG’s implementation. No doubt, culture will become a key to building inclusive and cohesive […]

The EU political priorities for 2023 – part I

The Commission President’s annual State of the Union-22 (SOTEU) address has unveiled present main five-six political priorities for the next working year. Due to the SOTEU’s complexities, our Institute’s analysis is divided into two parts: one on the Commission attention to present multiply-dimensional crises, reforms in the states, global issues and that of democracy, etc.; […]

Perspective European gas supply: managing policy’s challenges

Sufficient energy resources (like numerous fossil fuels, gas and/or oil, etc.) have always been vital for national political economy. As soon as energy serves certain interests in national, regional and political dimensions, the best way in energy policy is energy security. Recent EU’s politico-economic decision to avoid crises connected to logistics’ disruptions in energy supply […]