European growth model in a transitional period

Views: 29Due to the post-pandemic and the global challenges’ consequences, the EU institutions have revised traditional socio-economic model. Modernised approach includes such new factors as green and digital transition, strengthening socio-economic recovery-resilience in the member states, climate mitigation and numerous others.  

Smart specialisation strategy (3S) returns to the EU agenda

Views: 30The ideas of the so-called “smart growth” and member states’ abilities in “specialization” have been introduced into the EU integration perspectives already over a decade ago. It was regarded both as one of the strongest facets of modern EU’s political economy and a specific economic modernisation tool in the member states’ growth patterns. It […]

EU-wide socio-economic policy coordination for 2024

Views: 33Among several means to guide and coordinate the EU-wide socio-economic domain, the European Semester is probably the most vital one: it assists the member states in achieving the EU-wide objectives both by setting priorities and providing clear and well-coordinated policy guidance. The 2024 annual sustainable growth survey puts forward an ambitious agenda to further […]

The EU and the world’s agenda on energy and climate issues

Views: 19At the recent “major economies” forum on climate and energy, Commission President formulated present goals and achievements the EU member states undertook in this “twin transition”. It is compulsory working together on the global basis to achieve net zero emissions with new frontiers for technology, businesses and increased employment. 

The “idea of Europe”: challenging priorities in growth, security and education

Views: 9The EU institutions and the member states government structures are desperately trying to “recon” hard and soft powers during present uncertain times. Changes are inevitable: they cannot happen without an ideological re-conceptualization of those principles that have been so far guiding the EU’s internal and external policies. But first of all, with the war […]

The EU’s banking union: history and perspectives

Views: 32Among numerous sectoral “unions” within the European Union’s architecture there is one that affects citizens’ everyday’s life. It is the banking union that ensures that banks in the member states are strong and supervised in an efficient way. However, there are some differences in the EU’s banking union and the capital markets union.  

Mental health in the world and in Europe

Views: 46The world is grappling with a mental health crisis: e.g. in Europe, antidepressant consumption has more than doubled during last twenty years. According to recent OECD report, this dramatic increase in consumption of antidepressant drugs, AD – at least in the EU – is mainly due to recent pandemic. However, it is still unclear […]

European “unicorns”: entrepreneurship’s aspects

Views: 27Most often organizational form for business in Europe is actually SMEs; however big innovative companies, so-called “unicorns” are vital as well. It is them that often provide occupation for SMEs. There are presently sufficient data on European unicorns in geographical and sectorial distribution, including their locations, companies’ age and the ways they acquired a […]

Making business fit for the future: deliberations on corporate perspectives

Views: 57Small and medium enterprises, SMEs are the backbone of the member states’ economies: they represent over 95 percent of all entrepreneurship’s activities (about two-thirds of the total employment in the private sector) and create about 85 per cent of new jobs. However, recently SMEs have been under severe stress; besides, most of them are […]