Modern challenges in business management: sustainability and digitalisation

Views: 21Inevitable changes in corporate activities are coped with the European and global challenges: modern business management has become dramatically different during last two decades. Thus, in the post-pandemic period, “business as usual” approach becomes obsolete and inadequate; new intakes reflecting modern challenges are directed towards sustainability and new trends in “business technology” and corporate […]

Sustainability as a new facet in European integration

Views: 73Seven years in the EU’s sustainability efforts, which is about half the way to a final goal, have been marked by extensive actions towards reaching sustainable development goals (SDGs) in the member states. The whole picture seems quite optimistic: out of 17 SDGs, significant progress has been noticed in 5 and moderate progress in […]

Global and European way to sustainability: recent achievements

Views: 44Universal sustainability agenda has provided vital stimuli for transforming contemporary national governance by imposing fundamental changes in traditional political-economy’s patterns. Besides, some urgent challenges, e.g. digital and climate, coped with the post-covid recovery, are having additional pressures for decision-makers. The EU has elaborated cross-sectoral and multi-faceted approaches to deal with sustainability, particularly during last […]

Energy-intensive companies in EU are having compensations

Views: 29Compensating national expenses for energy-intensive companies (within the state-aid rules) for higher electricity prices resulting from indirect emission costs is allowed under the EU Emission Trading System. The rules also prevent these companies from relocating their production to countries outside the EU with less ambitious climate policies. The EU measures will facilitate a cost-effective […]

European recovery and resilience: new levels of managing socio-economic integration

Views: 72European integration is not only most important aspect of the Union’s development: it is also a very difficult and complicated process. The EU institutions have at stake legal, managerial and organizational means to “govern integration”; suffice it to say that there are already over 40 thousand various types of laws adopted during last seventy […]

Fintech and blockchain: new directions in European integration

Views: 57During last decade, the blockchain industry (as well as that of crypto) has experiences a rapid growth; the speed of development has increased notably over the past few years. The industry and its growth are often analysed through market capitalization, trading volume and other financial metrics (there are already over a hundred different crypto-currencies); […]

National recovery and resilience plans: complex political-economy’s measures

Views: 42In the beginning of 2022, the European Commission adopted guidelines for the EU’s financial support for the member states in facilitating national political economy towards improving such parameters in development as environmental protection, climate measures’ mitigation and the energy sector’s improvement. Recent EU funding to Italy and Romania has shown guidance’s feasibility.  

Revised regional aid in Europe: active reduction in states’ disparities

Views: 55Cohesion policy is one of the main Union’s strategic integration directions: it is aimed at reducing significant regional disparities among the member states in terms of socio-economic growth, well-being, income, unemployment, etc. European regional aid aims to support progressive growth in disadvantaged member states’ areas while ensuring a level playing integration field among the […]

Human behavior’s factor and consumption in implementing SDGs

Views: 46The states should adopt multidisciplinary approaches to changing peoples’ consumption patterns; behavioral science is one of several disciplines that can help political economy addressing modern challenges. Others include: social sciences and economics, systems thinking and social marketing, human-centered behavior and implementation science. All these disciplines are equipped with tools appropriately contributing to developing proper […]