Education and training in the EU for 2024: new initiatives

Views: 29With a budget of €4.3 billion for 2024, the Erasmus+ program will support transnational experiences of school pupils, students in higher education, as well as vocational education and training. The program also offers numerous opportunities to adult learners, educators, teaching staff and young people in non-formal learning programs.   

EU-wide socio-economic policy coordination for 2024

Views: 24Among several means to guide and coordinate the EU-wide socio-economic domain, the European Semester is probably the most vital one: it assists the member states in achieving the EU-wide objectives both by setting priorities and providing clear and well-coordinated policy guidance. The 2024 annual sustainable growth survey puts forward an ambitious agenda to further […]

New infringement decisions package: Commission’s monitoring service

Views: 34In infringement decisions the European Commission pursues executive and legal action against the member states for failing to comply with their obligations under the European law. These decisions, covering various sectors and EU policy areas, aim to ensure proper application of the EU-wide legislation for the benefit of citizens and businesses.  

European Semester: economic compass in development

Views: 19Due to strong and coordinated EU-wide policy response, the member states managed “to navigate” stormy economic waters. However, the EU still faces many challenges; geopolitical turbulence just added a great deal of uncertainty: hence the growth in the EU-28 is around 1.3 percent. The EU Commissioners made in the new Semester some assessments… 

Aggregating the EU-wide computing capabilities

Views: 18European high-performance computing system, HPC closely cooperates with the business and industrial sectors to drive breakthrough innovation and enhance the EU competitiveness in the world. Besides, established HPCs can be used by all interested partners, e.g. AI start-ups and businesses to train their models, thus boosting innovation in AI and the digital socio-economic platforms. […]

Sustainable European transport: trends and new initiatives

Views: 22   Transport is one of the EU’s most strategic common policies; among the transport modes, road transport provides for a majority of negative externalities in the transport sector. It is also the most importance mode of transport with about three-forth of intra-EU inland transport and over half of all intra-EU transport. Recent EU initiatives […]

European budget for 2024: priorities and perspectives

Views: 29In November 2023, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union reached an agreement on the EU budget for 2024, which is expected to assist addressing most urgent issues for the 27 EU states, as well as European neighboring countries. The article reveals some priorities in the next year budget and urgently […]

University alliances: ways to reform EU-wide and states’ education policies

Views: 21The European University Alliances, EUAs are having already a turbulent history: initiated in 2018, there presently about 50 universities’ networks from numerous European countries “uniting” 430 higher education institutions, HEIs in 35 countries. The process is really revolutionizing the EU-wide education and training, however not without some drawbacks.  

Nature restoration in Europe: legal aspects

Views: 20In the beginning of November 2023, a provisional agreement was reached between the European Parliament and the Council on the Nature Restoration Law (the draft was adopted in June 2022); when enforced, it will be applied in all EU member states. The law will be a key contribution to reaching climate neutrality by 2050 […]