European digital law

Views: 11Recent EU’s initiatives and proposals aimed at tackling global digital challenge have resulted in creating a specific sector of European legislation, i.e. the digital law, which consists of two main legal acts regulating digital market and digital services. In order for the European digital decade to be successful, the Commission established the so-called “Digital […]

Climate-energy regulation: new sector of the European law

Views: 31Through extensive legislative process with the EU institutions, the member states, legal experts and researchers the Commission has prepared a strategic vision for a climate-neutral European Union and new directions in energy security: consultations were finished in 2018, followed by a high-level conference in 2020. These preparations provided for a new legal sector – […]

European new regulations: approaching the EU construction law

Views: 52New Commission’s proposals include possible scenarios towards more resilient, greener and digital construction systems in the member states. The whole measures seemed to turn the sectoral regulations into a specific EU’s “construction law”. Hence, the member states’ governments, industry, science communities are going to adapt to a new strategy for the European construction sectors’ […]

Modern competition in the EU: Commission’s assessment

Views: 46Competition policy remains a vital tool serving the needs of European citizens: both as consumers (benefiting from lower prices, wider choice and higher quality) and as workers (benefiting from a vibrant labour market). Besides, various forms of businesses benefit from innovative, diverse and reliable development in a level playing field. The Commission’s Communication this […]

European social market economy: unique approaches to “social enterprises”

Views: 45This December, the European Commission presented an action plan to assist the member states in delivering on the European social market economy’ concept with a particular emphasis on employment and job-creation issues, on fair and inclusive recovery, as well as on green and digital transitions. All these aspects in connection with business are included […]

European integration through better law and regulations

Views: 57The role of “better law-making” in supporting the recovery and resilience process in the member states in post-pandemic, as well as that of “better regulation”, is becoming extremely important. Effective EU legislation, which occupies already about 70 per cent of the member states’ legal order, is vital both for citizens and SMEs. The Commission […]

2022 – The European Year of Youth

Views: 32In the beginning of December, European Parliament and the Council reached a political agreement to make 2022 the European Year of Youth, a year dedicated to those who “would decide the future of Europe”. The objectives of the Year are to listen, engage and promote concrete opportunities for youth, to bridge the gap between […]

European “health union”: pros and cons

Views: 60New efforts to create a EU-wide health union seems to be the best way in establishing better, more resilient and responsive regional health system. A comprehensive and strong health union will protect citizens, facilitate sustainable growth patterns and enhance European integration. Present initiatives reflect analysis of future outbreaks, joint preparedness and planning with the […]