Altered European political economy: challenges and solutions

Views: 0European Union is a constantly moving and adapting “mechanism” for the continental integration. Recently, the EU leaders have abandoned, in part or in whole, the previous political-economy’s theories and principles they cherished for so long; hence the EU-27, as it seems, has set aside the geopolitical corporate competition. However, the leaders are trying to […]

European economy and eurozone: challenges abound

Views: 4Resilient fiscal policies are needed in the euro area and specifically in the EU states with high debt and deficit levels. Given the modern uncertainties, fiscal policies must be prepared to adapt quickly, with prudence in spending and readiness to respond to possible risks. Two main “sub-unions” play vital role: the Economic and Monetary […]

Priorities in Europe and NATO: climate change and AI strategy

Views: 2Both the EU and NATO are exploring policies in managing modern challenges. Among most vital and new are the climate mitigation efforts and digital transition. In the EU these items have been already developing for some years, in NATO they are generally started two-three years ago. Somehow, there are certain similarities in approaches and […]

“Greens” in Europe: climate ambition versus political gains

Views: 1At stake for the party presently are such issues as –internally- its credibility and political fortune, as well as the future of the European Green Deal, externally. The party-grouping in the European Parliament, EP intends to advocate a more ambitious climate action, but it has to convince others of the approaches’ benefits. The Greens […]

Innovation’s agenda in the EU-27: uneven progress

Views: 3Perspective and innovative companies in Europe are the background of resilient, diversified and modern single market. The EU is trying to use all its potentials in improve “innovation climate” and its quality in the global innovation race. However, statistical account in the newly published innovation scoreboard, as well the complicated nature of innovation, needs […]

European beautiful future: facing complex global challenges

Views: 5The European Pact for the Future suggested by the European Environmental Bureau, EEB is a recent initiative aimed at driving fundamental changes in the existing political-economy’s patterns. The general Pact’s goal is “a green and social deal for a one-planet economy”, as postulated in the EEB’s leaflet. This September, world leaders will convene at […]

Climate change and the “green deal”: the EU at a cross-road

Views: 4The European climate objectives of the green deal are widely shared and consensual among the EU leaders and newly elected European legislators in the Parliament. Commission insisted that the goals of climate protection and nature conservation would remain unchanged for the next several years. After consultation with industry and farmers, the Commission has “proposed […]

Support for CO2 capture and storage: Swedish example

Views: 12The European Commission has approved, under EU State aid rules, a €3 billion Swedish scheme to support carbon capture and storage, CCS aimed at reducing carbon dioxide, CO2 released during the combustion or processing of biomass (so-called biogenic CO2). The measure will contribute to the achievement of Sweden’s climate targets and the EU’s strategic […]

European “digital decade”: strengthening the EU-wide digital transformation

Views: 10European Commission has published the second report on the State of the Digital Decade, providing a comprehensive overview of the progress towards achieving the digital objectives and targets set for 2030. The 2024-report is accompanied by an analysis of the EU member states’ “digital decade strategic roadmaps” detailing the planned national measures, actions and […]