Green transition in EU: vital modern issues

Views: 51The EU institutions in general and the European Commission in particular have suggested a “European Green Deal”, which had formulated a Union’s strategic policy framework for the EU-27 to push through the transition to green growth. In the latest Special Eurobarometer on climate change (September 2019), about 93 percent of EU citizens considered climate […]

European Union in modern multilateral global system (III)

Views: 47The EU’s long-term political guidance includes ambition participation in global affairs with an idea of becoming a serious player in the world. The article suggests a preliminary analysis of the declared Commission’s “reset-mode” concerning new aspects in the EU’s role in the global political economy and governance: i.e. in geo-politics and geo-economics. Besides, about […]

Commission’s “State of the Union”: European integration priorities for 2022

Views: 113European Commission President’s second in her College time “State of the Union” address to the European Parliament this fall featured EU’s recommendations for the states in “redesigning” further integration process and increasing EU’s role in the world. The annual seemingly modern “reset-priorities” for the next year include some existing directions, like combating covid-pandemic’s threats, European […]

Modern global governance: “anatomy” of the international institutional framework (II)

Views: 40The ultimate aim of the global governance, within the framework of modern trends in multilateralism, tends to orient towards “shaping world’s future”. Such governance’s structures are presently within several official, semi-official and private organisations: some are represented by bodies like G7, G20 and World Economic Forum, others by private and semi-official ones like Bilderberg […]

Modern multilateralism: anatomy of global governance (I)

Views: 31The EII’s research on the role of European integration in modern global governance is aimed at analysis of changes and transformations in the structure of global governing structures and in national political economies. New approaches to national development and growth patterns through new patterns in geo-politics and geo-economies are seriously affecting both the theory […]