European “energy union”: anatomy of growth and challenges

Views: 48Two years ago the EU launched the European Green Deal, which included the clean energy transition as a major component of the Union’s “energy union”, alongside five other energy directions. That means, greater efforts will be required by the member states in reaching on one side, for a goal of cutting net emissions by […]

The European economic future: governance’s issues for 2022

Views: 49The EU governance traditions are based on long-term strategies (concentrated in the political guidelines adopted by each Commission’s team at the start of the term) and short-term programs adopted for each year (the latter are discussed and adopted each fall). This time, in the Commission’s work program for 2022 (called CWP-22) there were announced […]

Modern education: a path through challenges and transition

Views: 45High schools and universities have been always balancing between the market’s orientations (with the corresponding global and regional tensions) and the need to support the national patterns of growth. There is a growing trend that the balance shall be in favor of a society’s needs while supporting educational policy’s transition in answering global challenges. […]

European common agricultural policy: present and future

Views: 66In September 2019, the Commission issued analytical factsheets revealing in more details the perspectives (with nine specific objectives) for the common agricultural policy (CAP) after 2020. This analysis provides an overview of the agricultural sector and rural development in the EU member states (about 1,6 MB in each) based on the agreed specific objectives […]

European energy market, prices and solutions

Views: 88The general idea of a progressive European energy market is to deliver quality energy services and products to citizens and industries. Besides, it is vital to create an integrated energy market with cross-countries’ infrastructure to provide security in energy supply and price stability. Such a market will allows the EU member states to exchange […]

Silver bullets for the states’ recovery and resilience: the role of education and training

Views: 64EU member states’ future is rested on youth supplied with a proper education and training: knowledgeable youth is eager to follow government’s reforms in all levels of education and vocational training. European Commission urged the states to submit draft reform’s plans in the fall of 2020, with a final approval in spring-2021. The “educational […]

Energy issues and LNG in Europe and the Baltics (part II)

Views: 43The second article in the series on European energy and LNG issues is devoted to contemporary situation around gas supply, diversification and consumption in the EU’s member states and the Baltic Sea area. Besides, we’d like to attract our readers’ attention to a new publication revealing complex LNG issues in the Baltic Sea region […]

Energy issues and LNG in Europe and the Baltics (part I)

Views: 64Natural gas currently represents around a quarter of the EU’s overall energy consumption: about one third is used in power generation (including combined heat and power plants) and around 23 percent in industry; the rest is mostly used in the residential and other services sectors. The EU’s gas demand is around 485 billion cubic meters […]

Modern EU energy policy: challenges and solutions

Views: 63European several decade’s energy policy included hundreds of regulations, directives and decisions aimed at optimal use and development of energy resources and networks. During last decade the Union’s energy policy has experienced dramatic changes reflecting global and European challenges. The energy-related triangle: energy, climate changes and environment protection has become a focal point in […]