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Universities can get qualified lectures and master classes on the following subjects (preferably for Bachelors and Masters):

  1. Master Course: “International Taxation & Financial Law” – 4 weeks
  2. Bachelor/Master course: “Introduction to the EU financial integration and banking union”– 2 or 4 weeks
  3. Bachelor/Master Course: “Sustainable development in modern economies: opportunities for business”– 4 weeks
  4. Bachelor/master course: “European economy, politics, institutions and legislation” – 4 weeks
  5. “European law for entrepreneurs: introductory course” for Bachelors and Masters – 4 weeks
  6. Bachelor/Master course: “Introduction to the European law and regulations” – 4 weeks
  7. Master course: “European economy, policies and business environment: a general introduction” – 4 weeks
  8. Master course: “Modern Latvian political economy: challenges for the next centennial” – 4 weeks
  9. Bachelor/Master course: “Modern business challenges: post-coronavirus’ effect”
  10. Bachelor/Master course: Post-COVID’s” effect on European growth, politics and integration.– 2-4 weeks

Note: There could be initiated some other courses according to the study plans.