Educational quality and policy transformations

Hits: 0In the mid-term of SDGs implementation, education providers in Europe and around the world attract attention to qualitative content in dealing with sustainability issues. The process is complicated due to the fact that modern approaches to sustainability are inherently based on bridging existing gaps between rapid development of natural, exact and social sciences, technology […]

European “state-of -the Union” address: dealing with modern challenges

Hits: 1Delivering annual “state-of-the Union”, SOTEU-23 address to the European Parliament on 13 September Commission President claimed that her office had kept over 90 percent of the pledges made about four years ago in the then program for a green, digital and geopolitical Europe. She also revealed the future in which a Union of nations, […]

Financing “green transition”: additional EU’s assistance

Hits: 2Due to lack of resources for a proper national “green transition“ and climate mitigation, several EU member states (i.e. Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia) received recently sufficient support from the EU investment facilities. The amounts disbursed in June 2023 are bringing the total disbursements on “green transition” from […]

Securing sustainable future: UN SDG Summit this September

Hits: 2The United Nations will convene the SDG Summit during 18-19 September 2023 in New York, during the General Assembly’s high-level week. With the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development at midpoint, world leaders will carry out a comprehensive review of the 17 SDGs, respond to the impact of multiple and interlocking crises facing the world […]

EU long-term-2027 budget: two years old revenue reform process

Hits: 4With the set of new own resources and other reforms, the EU institutions would ensure that the European’s next generation will truly benefit from a set of the present transitional measures. As part of the political agreement on the 2027 long-term budget and the NextGenerationEU recovery instrument, the new reform package is expected to […]

“Green transition” issues: political economy’s complexities

Hits: 1Most countries in the world, including both the US and the EU political economy’s governance, are deeply involved in delivering “green agendas” with massive investments in green growth and renewable technologies. Particularly, public green subsidies in the two big powers are aimed at encouraging private sector’s sustainable growth patterns. However, decision-making in green transition […]

Green transition: Europeans view the perspectives

Hits: 1Over half of Europeans think that transition to a green economy should be accelerated regardless of the increasing energy price and concerns over reduced Russian gas supplies. Most people believe that climate change is a serious problem; but two-thirds agree that: a) the cost of damage due to climate change is much higher than present level […]

EU Climate issues and “carbon leakage”: towards “green growth” around the Baltic Sea

Hits: 3Climate change has become a vital problem in Europe and the countries around the Baltic Sea Region, BSR. The EU-wide climate ambition with rather stringent climate policies in the member states (and in many non-EU countries) involves a risk of the “carbon leakage”, which occurs when companies based in the EU move carbon-intensive production […]

Achieving SDGs in energy, climate mitigation and business

Hits: 15The European Commission actively supports the member states efforts both in preparing their long-term SDGs strategies and providing necessary information on energy sectors’ development by: a) the available and modern scientific knowledge in energy sector’s transition, and b) providing best practices and shared knowledge to support progressive measures in the member states’ energy efficiency. […]