Sustainable investment through circular economy and outsourcing

Visits: 6Responsible investing is becoming more popular globally; however, there is a lack of clarity as to what constitutes its objectives and what a sustainable investment actually is. Some argue that states invest responsibly only promoting more sustainable and equitable future. Others add that strategic investments in the “care economy” are increasing productivity and promoting […]

External aspects of European integration: energy transition in Africa

Visits: 8The European integration process has been proceeding along two fronts, i.e. through internal and external facets: on the former, there are several integration blocks (i.e. numerous “unions” like energy and security, health and digital, etc.), on the latter, there are several partnerships with other global regions and countries. For example, closer relations appeared recently […]

Education policy’s integration: an issue of an EU-wide graduation certificate

Visits: 14Educating new workforce to tackle modern challenges has become a vital issue at the contemporary level of European integration. Dealing with a complex composition of climate, sustainability and green transition issues in socio-economic growth requires fundamental reform of national education policies, including acceptance of a “commonly” agreed European graduate certificates.

Open and competitive digital market in Europe: urgent necessity

Visits: 18During last four years the EU’s institutions, mainly the Commission, have been elaborating effective measures to manage the digital challenge in the member states. Two vital legislative acts have been adopted and enforced recently involving both the digital market and the services:  a) concerning the EU-wide digital services’ facilities, and b) optimizing the functioning […]

Some basic freedoms’ aspects in the EU’s internal market

Visits: 9Membership in the EU means accepting “four basic freedoms of movement”: people, capital, goods, establishing and providing services. They are supposed to cope with the EU-wide main values: representative democracy, equality, rule of law and human rights. Besides they are serving as a safeguard for the European competitiveness in the world.

Modern European defense strategy based on a specific industrial program

Visits: 10The newly created European defense strategy, EDIS is a reaction of the EU institutions and the member states on the EU-wide security challenges. It is aimed, generally at enabling to “transit” from “crisis response” to more feasible “structural defense readiness”. The European defense spending have become too complicated recently: there are too many different […]

Monitoring SDGs in the European Union

Visits: 22National obligations to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs require more active monitoring and control over reforms and measures. In eighth monitoring reports issues by Eurostat during last fifteen years some progress and drawbacks are seen to show national efforts in sustainability.  

European Semester: economic compass in development

Visits: 17Due to strong and coordinated EU-wide policy response, the member states managed “to navigate” stormy economic waters. However, the EU still faces many challenges; geopolitical turbulence just added a great deal of uncertainty: hence the growth in the EU-28 is around 1.3 percent. The EU Commissioners made in the new Semester some assessments… 

European social market economy: growth concept

Visits: 23The European integration “project” with its seventy years experience is based on a specific development model called “social market economy”, in which the member states’ growth sectors are heavily regulated by the EU institutions. Particularly, the post-pandemic period has shown the growing amount of the EU support for states in the transition to new […]

European defense strategy: industrial aspects

Visits: 36European defense integration is gaining speed as modern military conflicts require the EU-wide response. Commission is coordinating the member states’ efforts through new “instruments” to support such actions as e.g. joint acquisition of weapons, transferring urgently needed defense equipment and establishing the EU Defense Union. Besides, present vulnerable global geopolitical and security situation shows […]