Energy and environmental issues: vital parts in the European integration

Views: 54Climate, energy and environment are most vital issues in the member states’ recovery and resilience programs. National policies towards necessary reforms are usually centered on sustainability, environment and energy safety requirements. Underlining such priorities as the “end-of-life-product” management, the reduction of hazardous substances, extended energy and producer’s responsibility, as well as the environmental protection […]

Baltic electro-energy issues: good for business and communities

Views: 33As the so-called EU’s “energy island”, the Eastern-Baltic region consists of three EU member states; it is now being connected to other EU states through recently established electricity lines in Poland (LitPol Link), Sweden (NordBalt) and Finland (Estlink 1 and Estlink 2), all built with the EU support. For historical reasons, the Baltic States’ […]

European climate-neutral industry: new requirements for the member states’ governance

Views: 81In the recently announced targets for reaching carbon neutrality by the mid-century, most developed countries (representing about 80 percent of the global economy), revealed a comprehensive set of new political economy’s instruments, often called “green industrial strategy”, to trigger the necessary mechanisms within both the zero-carbon energy sources and production across all development sectors. […]

The EU’s vision for a modernized political economy: Porto Declaration-2021

Views: 42European unity and solidarity is at the heart of a EU’s regional distinctive “social market economy’s” model with a social cohesion and a drive for prosperity. Accelerated transition in green and digital growth, supported by a massive European investment and associated reforms, will firmly put the member states on the path towards a fair, […]

Carbon border adjustment mechanism: assisting European business

Views: 56In the Commission’s communication to the member states concerning the “European Green Deal” (December 2019), in which among numerous aspects in reaching the “deal”, the carbon border adjustment mechanism, CBAM for selected economic-industrial sectors has been revealed. The EU has increased efforts to make a climate-neutral continent by 2050, which could however be undermined […]