Education for sustainable growth with the common global roadmap for 2030

During last six years UNESCO has been working on implementing sustainability into states’ sustainable policies and higher education (HE). Finally, in May 2022 the global educational community adopted a general roadmap for HE and a plan to “reinvent education for a sustainable future”. Although it is not an action plan agreed by governments, it represents […]

Social agenda in European integration and development

In the EU’s development triangle, in the so-called “social market economy”, most vital is its social facet, which distinguishes “European capitalism” from some traditional western-liberal connotations. At the end of 2021, the European Commission adopted a new action plan on the social economy with concrete measures to “mobilise full potential of the social economy”.

European social market economy: new aspects for business and entrepreneurship

European approach to social market economy’s perspectives encompasses a variety of businesses and organisations: e.g. SMEs and cooperatives, mutual benefit societies and non-profit associations and foundations. A common denominator in all of them is that their activity is constantly addressing people and society’s interests to produce positive impact on local communities and pursuing social causes. […]

Educational challenges: global and European dimension (part VIII)

Revealing global and European facilities and means in strengthening education as a public endeavor and “common good” is important to streamline an optimal education strategy as a model for other countries to emulate. Quality education can steer the digital and green transitions, make teaching profession valuable in unlocking every person’s potential in contributing to common […]

Employment and workforce: main outcomes of the educational revolution (part VII)

One of the main goals in educational reform is to provide contemporary social-economic development with required skills and profession to tackle modern challenges. In dealing with recovery-resilience plans, as well as “green”, digital strategies and the SDGs implementation, the states are introducing fundamental transformation in the national education policies adequate to modern employment trends and […]

Education revolution: introducing sustainability in modern political economy (part III-I)

Among education policies’ vital challenges are those of introduction in schools and universities new programs concerning practical implementation of the UN Sustainability Goals (SDGs), which are presently form a compulsory part in national agendas in all modern states. Present EU political economy’s paradigm in the socio-economic integration is already adapting legal and managerial tools to […]

European “education revolution”: facing challenges and finding solutions

EU’s integration is facing numerous problems, such as digital and climate, energy and health, transport and defence, to name a few. Recently an additional issue has appeared, i.e. an “education challenge”, which has occupied a vital place among existing ones. Schools and universities are being presently occupied with desperate attempts to specify their place and […]

New era for the political economy and integration

Modern governance is facing a life-saving task of fundamental transformations in economics, politics and societal needs. Although post-pandemic is still a headache for defining policy priorities, in most states the issues of decarbonization, digitalisation and sustainability are becoming the biggest worries in transformations for years to come. Some other issues of importance, e.g. cultural divides, […]

European Labour Authority: official opening in Bratislava

The European Labour Authority, ELA has a fundamental role in promoting and enforcing fairness in the European single market and labour mobility in the EU-27. In the speech at the opening ceremony, the Commissioner Nicolas Schmit revealed the future of labour market, the ELA’s role and approaches to numerous challenges and opportunities. Ongoing global megatrends, […]