Education for sustainable growth with the common global roadmap for 2030

Visits: 56During last six years UNESCO has been working on implementing sustainability into states’ sustainable policies and higher education (HE). Finally, in May 2022 the global educational community adopted a general roadmap for HE and a plan to “reinvent education for a sustainable future”. Although it is not an action plan agreed by governments, it […]

Cultural economics: vital part of European integration

Visits: 53Culture as an economic category has acquired recently additional attention. Disjunctions between economy and culture are quickly disappearing, giving room to closer liaison with different types of connections, such as design and architecture, art and poetry, fashion and music, as well as in various brand-names and other “intellectual products”. 

EU’s spring-2022 Semester: optimal coordination of states’ development

Visits: 37Generally, the European Semester’s main purpose is to provide broad socio-economic policy coordination among Union’s member states; however, present spring-2022 cycle is coped with the implementation of the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) requirements. The RRF’s implementation is necessary for adapting the Semester in taking into account joint EU-states’ efforts focusing on the delivery […]

DEBRA: new Commission initiative in corporate taxation

Visits: 49The green and digital transition requires new investments in innovative technologies. Taxation has an important role to play in encouraging and enabling businesses to develop and grow sustainably. An allowance for equity financing can facilitate bold investments in cutting-edge technologies, notably for start-ups and SMEs. Equity is particularly important for fast-growing European innovative companies […]

European 2022-Spring economic forecast: negative expectations

Visits: 28The EU economy is going presently through a challenging period due to effects of the 4th Industrial Revolution, climate change measures, post-pandemic recovery and Russia-Ukraine military conflict. Spring-22 regional forecast shows that most negative for economy, businesses and households are such factors as the surge in energy prices, record high inflation and disruption of […]

Re-power the EU: vital perspectives in energy security

Visits: 24The European “REPowerEU Plan” is aimed at rapid reduction of EU-27 dependence on Russian fossil fuels by fast-forwarding the clean energy transition and adapting member states industrial and manufacturing sectors, as well as infrastructure to different energy sources and suppliers. The plan is based on additional investments of €210 billion during coming five years […]

European energy: complex issues and contemporary solutions

Visits: 28Energy issues are the most important items in national political economy. With enormous pressure and challenges, global and European energy problems require new and resolute approaches on energy security, pollution reduction, sustainable growth and climate mitigation. Discussions on achieving fair green and digital transition, energy efficiency and reducing fossil fuels dependency are in agendas […]

New European growth model: facing modern challenges and risks

Visits: 16In March 2022, the European Commission introduced a new concept of the EU and the member states development model with shifts in national economies towards unprecedented in history transformations facing present major global/regional challenges and risks. New growth model includes “twin transition” and inclusive social patterns needed in new priorities, investments and reforms in […]

Social agenda in European integration and development

Visits: 26In the EU’s development triangle, in the so-called “social market economy”, most vital is its social facet, which distinguishes “European capitalism” from some traditional western-liberal connotations. At the end of 2021, the European Commission adopted a new action plan on the social economy with concrete measures to “mobilise full potential of the social economy”.

European political community and confederation: new lines of integration

Visits: 30Most EU leaders for long have been talking about “political unity”, although behind closed doors, not being involved in new legal arrangement like Treaty’s amendment; the “French plan” would include both members and non-members of the EU. The EU heads of state and government are divided about the idea: i.e. from being apprehensive to […]