First European PPP financing in the Baltics: improving transport facilities

The European Investment Bank, EIB decided to finance the design, construction and maintenance of a bypass of the 17.5 km to the stretch of the E67/A7 motorway that currently passes through the municipality of Kekava. The project also includes four major grade-separated interchanges and sections with lanes for local traffic; all the works are within […]

Product safety in the EU: consumer’s protection shall be extended

Protection of the EU’s consumers is going to be more efficient by updating and modernizing existing rules in line with the modern digital challenges. The direction of changes would fit into the consumers’ increased expectations for goods and services’ quality with the corresponding changes in the national economies. With the support of the EU institutions, […]

Corporate taxation: European and global challenges

It has been generally acknowledged that both the sources of international tax system during the last century and some basic concepts of tax residence have been outdated. Business practices are now regularly carried out in “favourable” states without being physically present; the digital transition in economies has also led to new opportunities in manipulating traditional […]

EU cohesion policy: a vital part in European integration

In contemporary European integration, the Union’s cohesion policy serves as an important instrument in resolving the member states’ development issues; this policy, in particular, provides the EU states with necessary resources to level-up growth and prosperity. Although the main goals of the EU cohesion policy remain generally the same (e.g. promotion of economic, social and […]

Minimum wage issue: resolving inequality in Europe

At the end of 2020, the European Commission took an important step towards securing adequate minimum wages for all workers in the EU. These ideas were included into a draft Directive aimed at reversing the growing polarisation of incomes and the increasing actions in eliminating the in-work poverty. These cardinal steps are to change the […]

Lithuanian RRP: the Commission’s assessment and approval

The European Commission has assessed the national recovery and resilience plan (RRP) based on main criteria set out in the EU regulation. A supporting staff-working document provides detailed documentation on the EU’s assessment of the Lithuania’s RRP in supporting the green and digital transition, in providing a balanced response to the socio-economic situation and implementing […]

Posted workers: free movement and establishment in the post-covid EU

Present covid-pandemic affected almost all aspects of workers’ life, including free movement and establishment in Europe. National governing bodies have to apprehend existing changes and challenges for workers moving and posted in other EU states and adopt resolute steps to facilitate adaptation of workers and companies to new realities in the EU’s single market. Besides, […]