Sustainable investment through circular economy and outsourcing

Visits: 6Responsible investing is becoming more popular globally; however, there is a lack of clarity as to what constitutes its objectives and what a sustainable investment actually is. Some argue that states invest responsibly only promoting more sustainable and equitable future. Others add that strategic investments in the “care economy” are increasing productivity and promoting […]

Education policy’s integration: an issue of an EU-wide graduation certificate

Visits: 14Educating new workforce to tackle modern challenges has become a vital issue at the contemporary level of European integration. Dealing with a complex composition of climate, sustainability and green transition issues in socio-economic growth requires fundamental reform of national education policies, including acceptance of a “commonly” agreed European graduate certificates.

Digitalisation: support for education providers

Visits: 15The European Education Area, EEA idea has been to assist the member states’ efforts and facilitate the EU-wide cooperation in order to create more resilient and inclusive education and training systems. The EEA strategic framework provides a guideline to structure collaboration among the EU institutions and the member states education provides in formulating a […]

Open and competitive digital market in Europe: urgent necessity

Visits: 18During last four years the EU’s institutions, mainly the Commission, have been elaborating effective measures to manage the digital challenge in the member states. Two vital legislative acts have been adopted and enforced recently involving both the digital market and the services:  a) concerning the EU-wide digital services’ facilities, and b) optimizing the functioning […]

Transatlantic economy: growing connections between Europe, the US and the world

Visits: 26Three main “actors” in world economy- the US, China and the EU- account for about three-fourths of the global GDP. However, two economies in trans-Atlantic relations, i.e. the US and EU have already become strong drivers in progressive global growth. The transatlantic economic ties provide, e.g. for 16 million jobs on both sides in […]

Market exchange rates: “real” and hidden payments

Visits: 13Hidden fees in international payments have been always a common place. However, in the EU they have been banned legally since 2020 for cross-border payments among the member states. But, it is still a serious problem in trade outside the EU-27 that cost people and businesses in the EU about €30 billion in 2023 […]

Risk aversion in business: getting through modern challenges

Visits: 15Modern challenges have greatly altered traditional approaches to managing risks; besides, the concept of risk aversion in entrepreneurship has been transformed as well by the digitalization and the new ICTs. Conference at Latvian Turiba University this March is devoted to analysis of some vital issues concerning risks in contemporary socio-economic development and business.  

Digital facilities in education: assisting SDG’s implementation

Visits: 18The education providers around the world are experimenting with learning and teaching the newly needed skills and “going out” of conventional classrooms by providing virtual-learning possibilities and technologies.. The problem is actually doubled: it is about global challenges and reforming national education policy to make the process of acquiring new skills more efficient. In […]

New EU-wide consumer protection rules are expected

Visits: 37Consumer protection is within a shared competence among the EU institutions (mainly, the Commission) and the member states’ authorities. The member states, generally, are responsible for enforcing consumer rights, with the EU having some coordinating and supporting functions. Therefore among the rules in place are mostly directives, e.g. regulating “common” better enforcement and modernisation […]

European market: efforts to adapt to new realities

Visits: 13The European “social market economy” concept is being subject to significant alterations under modern global challenges during last decade, in particular the through the increased digitalisation, new ways of producing and offering goods and services, as well as through the interconnected nature of commercial exchanges. Market definition provides guidance on the principles of the […]