Sustainability: altering priorities in modern politics and economics

Views: 36At the 10th annual international conference on sustainable development (September 19-20, 2022), the EII presented a paper that had been awarded the “best paper at the conference” among over 160 presented. As soon as the EII’s work attracted so much attention, we decided to publish it for our readers.

COP-27: perspectives for climate change’s mitigation

Views: 30Perspective solutions concerning climate change were discussed at a yearly summit of world leaders in Egypt this November. Although skepticism towards any new solutions generally dominated the discussions, some decisions are well worth mentioning, e.g. creating a special fund for “loss and damages” for states suffering most. However, strange enough, global leaders still are […]

EU-wide education area for 2025: ongoing initiatives and trends

Views: 49The Commission approved a report on progress towards the achievement of the European Education Area by 2025; the report takes analyses the ongoing initiatives and trends on progress to attain EU-level targets in education and training. The progress report is assisted by the Education & Training Monitor with the EU-wide analysis of education and […]

Perspectives for farmed seafood in seas around Europe

Views: 38Farmed seafood has been for long identified as a low-carbon source of food and feed; additionally, algae have a growing number of potential commercial uses in such sectors as pharmaceuticals and plant bio-stimulants, bio-packaging, cosmetics and biofuels. With the recent EU’s “algae initiative”, the Commission wants to unlock EU algae sector potentials by supporting […]

European-wide economic governance: macro-fiscal surveillance in the states growth

Views: 22Presently, the European Commission seeks to create a more transparent, simpler and integrated architecture for macro-fiscal and structural policy’s surveillance in the states to better deliver on the objectives of ensuring debt sustainability and promoting perspective growth. 

Navigating growth and employment: EU’s skills agenda for 2023

Views: 70The idea of making 2023 the European Year of Skills stems from the intention to strengthen the member states’ competitiveness in the world, with a better focusing on investments, supporting the SMEs and matching employment needs with people’s aspirations and talents. Having relevant skills empowers governance sectors successfully navigate changes in the job market […]

Facing global challenges: European climate action’s strategy revealed at COP-27

Views: 28Annual global conferences on climate change usually attract leaders from around the world; this time is COP27 UN Climate Change Conference taking place in Egypt during November. The European Commission will address participants with a plea to take urgent practical actions to bring down greenhouse gas emissions and respect the commitments already made in […]

Attention to researchers and businesses: big help from the EU

Views: 32EU funding for innovative researchers and businesses in low-carbon technologies has turned a new page: the European Commission has launched presently a third call for large-scale projects under the EU Innovation Fund. With a budget doubled to €3 billion, the new 2022-call for projects intends to boost the deployment of industrial solutions to decarbonise […]

Global active fall-2022: world in transformation pressed by challenges and risks

Views: 25This November is tensely compacted with numerous global – as well as some national – events that can help us both understand the world “moving around” and show some perspective paths towards stable and prosperous future out of emerging crises. The state of global order is definitely affecting European integration’s process.  

EU Digital Market Act: main part of the Union’s digital strategy

Views: 37New EU Digital Market Act (DMA) will fundamentally change existing online trade and services. After the DMA enters into force – it shall apply from 2 May 2023 – digital/online platforms will behave in fair and competitive ways. Generally, new legal means will provide for contestable and fair markets in the European digital sector. […]