Hydrogen: a new priority for the European energy sector

Visits: 71Attention to climate-neutrality in the world and in Europe has shown increasing common commitments: about 90% of the countries have committed themselves to emission reduction by 45% by 2030. The “green hydrogen” is one of the safest ways to practical implementation; this clean energy has become a best solutions: now, the second European Hydrogen […]

European resilience and recovery through research and innovation

Visits: 59The newly adopted “Pact for Research and Innovation in Europe” sets out new vision and priorities for the European Research Area and sets up a new structure for its management. The Pact for R&I defines common values and principles for research and innovation in Europe, such as freedom of scientific research and free circulation […]

European financial support for the member states: Latvian example

Visits: 58Assistance of the EU’s institutions to the member states during Covid-pandemic takes various forms. Thus, European Investment Fund, backed by the Investment Plan for Europe, in association with the national financial services, provides favourable lending to students and learners in the EU states to cover their study and housing costs. Now Latvian students and […]

Modern trends in European integration: “smart specialization” in the Baltic States

Visits: 62The ideas of a so-called “smart growth” and member states’ “specialization” have been introduced into the EU integration perspectives about a decade ago. It was regarded both as one of the strongest facets of modern EU’s political economy, and a specific economic modernisation tool in the member states’ growth patterns; both shall be within […]

Post-COVID effect on modern competition: European Commission’s vision

Visits: 52Competition policy remains a vital tool that serves the needs of all EU states: consumers benefit from lower prices, wider choice and higher quality; workers gain from a vibrant labour market, and corporate entities benefit from innovative, diverse and reliable market inputs on a level playing field. However, the pandemic and modern challenges required […]

European integration: Lessons from COP26 through ambitions and actions

Visits: 67European Union didn’t expect much from COP26: the EU is already ahead of the rest of the world’s regions in climate-change-efforts’ ambitions and actions. However, it is reasonable to have a look at the COP26 outcomes and perspective implementation of the reached agreements. As Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson once said: “Don’t judge each […]

European Labour Authority: official opening in Bratislava

Visits: 70The European Labour Authority, ELA has a fundamental role in promoting and enforcing fairness in the European single market and labour mobility in the EU-27. In the speech at the opening ceremony, the Commissioner Nicolas Schmit revealed the future of labour market, the ELA’s role and approaches to numerous challenges and opportunities. Ongoing global […]

Modern trends in European integration: “smart specialization” in the Baltic Sea region

Visits: 57The article is addressing only some though quite vital changes concerning EU’s single market perspectives in line with the contemporary division of labour and more coordinated political economies in the member states. The idea of a so-called “smart growth” and member states’ “specialization” coined into the EU integration sphere a decade ago is not […]