European human capital and skills in need of transformation

Visits: 31Most of present global/European challenges can be solved only by modernising training and education towards newly needed skills and qualifications. The EU member states are advised using “human capital” in a most efficient way; however, while having one of the European strongest labour markets in decades, most companies, and even national governance structures, are […]

Reducing transport pollution: towards zero-emission mobility in EU by 2035

Visits: 24A strong signal to industry and consumers is being sent at the end of October: the EU-27 is entering the path to zero-emission mobility. A preliminary agreement between the European Parliament and Council requires that all new cars and vans registered in Europe will be zero-emission by 2035. As an intermediary step towards zero […]

European citizens and SMEs supported competition policy

Visits: 19As is known, competition issues are within the exclusive competence of the EU institutions and bodies. It means competition rules and practices are universal among all member states. Thus, the Commission’s executive Vice-President M. Vestager, acknowledged that while “improving life of citizens and SMEs, competition brings better prices, more choice and increased innovation”; therefore, […]

EU funding for Latvia with €4.6 billion: supporting progressive growth

Visits: 53The EU financial assistance to Latvia with €4.6 billion through the Union’s cohesion policy funding up to 2027 is aimed at supporting economic growth, territorial cohesion and improving social fairness. EU funding will be invested in national green and digital transitions, in boosting innovation in the economy, as well as in healthcare and social […]

Reuters’ NEXT global forum: a vital platform for fruitful discussions

Visits: 100Reuters’ NEXT global forum is an interesting, noble though complicated initiative in a set of a world-wide network contemplating modern challenges. However, it is a timely one at the right moment with present global and regional problems with enormous geo-transformations and calamities. Four key themes are in the forum’s agenda: leadership in times of […]

Commission’s working plan for 2023: confirming integration process

Visits: 104On 18 October 2022, the Commission adopted its work program for the next year to deal with modern challenges and looming crises and with a due attention to the ongoing EU-wide green and digital transformations. Making the member states more resilient, the Commission will support both people and businesses by reducing energy prices, securing […]

European Political Community: vital step in formation

Visits: 105In the beginning of October 2022, a special even took place for the European political elites: the EU-27 leaders hold a historic meeting in Prague Castle -though an informal one –joined by participants from over a dozen nearby countries, e.g. the UK, Turkey, Ukraine, etc. At the inaugural meeting of the European Political Community, […]

EU integration through the EU’s “Skills year-2023”

Visits: 46New Commission’s skills-initiative for 2023 seems to be too complicated to deliver within just a year: it is involving all three existing “division of competence” between the EU and the member states. Some, as the education policy, is almost fully in the states’ competence shared; however, the initiative touches upon important issues vital for […]

EU consumer protection: changes in online trade & services

Visits: 59The EU and the national consumer protection centers have adopted during last years some measures of improving online commerce and services to make shopping safer for customers and bringing it in line with the EU rules. In certain areas existing EU consumer protection rules have been modernized and adjusted, in view of the new […]

Minimum wage: perspective European socialist agenda

Visits: 31Securing adequate minimum wages for workers in the EU has been a long-standing theme in the EU-wide social agenda. This September was a pivotal moment: the draft directive was endorsed by the European Parliament to confirm an agreement between the Parliament and the Council in June while providing hope for a successful adoption of […]