European green deal and climate regulations: effects for the member states

Views: 108Recent EU political agenda is aimed at highlighting sustainability in national political economy to a new level: including, in particular, climate mitigation measures (to reach for a climate-neutral EU by 2050) and the “green deal” package; both are forcing the member states to be more active in approving corresponding actions. The EU states governance’s […]

Sustainability in modern political economy: resolving pressing issues

Views: 72The old “political-economy’s” paradigm is facing dramatic challenges: with the two spheres of science involved (i.e. economics and political science), the concept is being “refurbished” towards closer and inherent “unified connections” between the two to concentrate on the most optimal national growth models and peoples’ wellbeing. The latter in particular, is becoming a common […]

Combating money laundering: new EU efforts

Views: 63Serious gaps concerning money laundering existed for a long time in the EU legal framework; now the Commission adopted a draft of regulatory package to plug these gaps. So far, existing varied rules in different EU states on money laundering (ML) have been largely ineffective, costly and without much success. New measures would include […]

Inequality and social exclusion in Europe and globally

Views: 16The level and trends in inequality include numerous parameters, i.e. personal income before and after taxes/transfers, average and median household disposable incomes, relative poverty rates and poverty gaps, to name a few. Besides, there is another important part in combating inequality dealing with the “social exclusion”, i.e. inequality among different groups of citizens. So-called […]