The EU and the world’s agenda on energy and climate issues

Visits: 13At the recent “major economies” forum on climate and energy, Commission President formulated present goals and achievements the EU member states undertook in this “twin transition”. It is compulsory working together on the global basis to achieve net zero emissions with new frontiers for technology, businesses and increased employment. 

Green transition as a complex European growth strategy

Visits: 33The EU-wide directions towards green transition represent novice politico-economic trends which include a set of nine vital sub-strategies, with each having an important as well as complicated implementation structure on the EU member states’ national level. 

Modern European digital service and AI legislation

Visits: 24Recently, in mid-April, the Commission officially opened in the Joint Research Centre in Seville, Spain the European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency, ECAT. The ECAT will provide the Commission with in-house technical and scientific expertise to ensure that algorithmic systems used by the EU-wide online platforms and search engines comply with the risk management, mitigation […]

Infringement cases and legal actions against EU states

Visits: 30The European Commission regularly publishes infringement decisions to pursue legal action against EU states for failing to comply with their obligations under the Union’s law. These decisions in various EU policy areas aim to ensure the proper application of EU law for the benefit of citizens and businesses. 

Digital nomads: modern labor force’s experience in Europe

Visits: 12Working remotely becomes a fashion for a lot of people. Below is the list of the best destinations for online/distant workers with a good quality of life – often even better then at home – with a lower level of expenses and affordable living costs. This information is for those looking for a destination […]

The “idea of Europe”: challenging priorities in growth, security and education

Visits: 4The EU institutions and the member states government structures are desperately trying to “recon” hard and soft powers during present uncertain times. Changes are inevitable: they cannot happen without an ideological re-conceptualization of those principles that have been so far guiding the EU’s internal and external policies. But first of all, with the war […]

Social partners’ participation in employment and growth

Visits: 14About one thousand European Works Councils already exist in the EU-27 member states. They promote a shared understanding of the transnational challenges facing large multinational companies and the involvement of employees in the decision-making process, with the objective of exchanging on possible solutions, facilitating their implementation and increasing the impact of strategic choices made […]

The EU’s banking union: history and perspectives

Visits: 27Among numerous sectoral “unions” within the European Union’s architecture there is one that affects citizens’ everyday’s life. It is the banking union that ensures that banks in the member states are strong and supervised in an efficient way. However, there are some differences in the EU’s banking union and the capital markets union.  

Measuring “green transition” in Europe: good example for the world

Visits: 7National recovery and resilience plans in the EU member states include, among other items, measures aimed at active contribution to the EU’s guidelines on implementation of the European “green deal”. Measures to eliminate dependence on Russian fossil fuels and facilitate the “green transition”, as set out in the REPowerEU Plan, shall be however in […]

Additional measures to facilitate renewables in Europe

Visits: 41The European Parliament and the Council reached a provisional agreement to reinforce the Union’s Renewable Energy Directive. This deal makes a vital step closer to complete the “Fit for 55” legislation on the EU’s “green deal” and the REPowerEU objectives.