“Repowering” Europe: energy policy’s strategy in action

Visits: 10Specific EU-wide program called REPowerEU is aimed at assisting the member states in three main developmental directions: a) saving energy, b) clean energy production and use, and c) diversifying the states’ energy supplies coped with a wide use of renewables. The program’s implementation helps, e.g. to safeguarded the households in EU and businesses from […]

Targeted actions to boost European bio-technology and bio-manufacturing

Visits: 28Present socio-economic, demographic and environmental challenges are reinforcing the bio-economy’s industrial dimension and its closer links with the biotechnology and bio-manufacturing sectors. Corresponding Commission’s actions will contribute to stronger economy in the member states and stimulate the demand and market uptake for bio-manufactured products. 

European social market economy: the concept of stable growth

Visits: 17The European integration “project” with its seventy years experience is based on a specific development model called “social market economy”, in which the member states’ growth sectors are heavily regulated by the EU institutions. Particularly, the post-pandemic period has shown the growing amount of the EU support for “managing” the states in the transition […]

New EU-wide consumer protection rules are expected

Visits: 37Consumer protection is within a shared competence among the EU institutions (mainly, the Commission) and the member states’ authorities. The member states, generally, are responsible for enforcing consumer rights, with the EU having some coordinating and supporting functions. Therefore among the rules in place are mostly directives, e.g. regulating “common” better enforcement and modernisation […]

EU-wide plans to achieve sustainability: updating national plans

Visits: 24In December 2023, the Commission called on the member states’ governance to enhance national efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and set out clearer plans on adaptation to climate change. Besides, the Commission also invited the states to better prepare for an increased uptake of renewables and to enhance energy efficiency measures.   

Nature restoration in Europe: legal aspects

Visits: 19In the beginning of November 2023, a provisional agreement was reached between the European Parliament and the Council on the Nature Restoration Law (the draft was adopted in June 2022); when enforced, it will be applied in all EU member states. The law will be a key contribution to reaching climate neutrality by 2050 […]

Workers’ rights in the EU: strengthening social dialogue and collective bargaining

Visits: 40The Commission started the second-stage consultation with the social partners in the member states on a possible revision of the European Works Councils Directive – the first-stage took place in April; so far the Commission received replies from eleven social partners. The general idea of the new consultation is towards further EU-wide actions on […]

Essential services in the EU states’ governance

Visits: 27Critical entities provide essential services in upholding key societal functions, supporting the economy, preserving the environment, ensuring public health and safety, etc. European Commission has adopted a list of essential services in the eleven sectors covered by the Critical Entities Resilience Directive (CER), which entered into force on 16 January 2023.