Contemporary EU political economy: accounts of recent steps

Tackling energy crisis has been presently the headache for the EU and the member states’ governance. Besides, demographic changes in the EU also present problems for development. For the national political economy in modern time it is vital to improve understanding of how companies can build resilience to external challenges and crises. Finally, new vision […]

Energy efficiency’s reform supported by legal clarification

A provisional agreement between two EU legislative institutions provides for legal support in EU-wide energy efficiency with strong requirement for the member states to implement efficiency measures in policy, planning and investment in socio-economic development priorities. After a formal adoption, the new legislation will be published in the Official Journal of the Union and enter […]

REPowerEU chapters in national recovery and resilience plans

Modern governance systems in the EU member states are facing mounted difficulties in implementing requirements from the EU institutions regarding the so-called REPowerEU chapters in national recovery and resilience plans. The difficulties are not only connected to new and rather complicated character of new obligations; they require restructuring of national economies according to new global […]

Fundamental changes in the European agro-sector: resolving challenges

The EU “farm-to-fork” strategy offers a clear roadmap for a truly sustainable, healthy and fair food-farming system, while supporting farmers, ensuring future food security. However, agro-industry lobbyists, as well as some European Commission’s departments, are not truly anxious to implement the strategy. While the new CAP is becoming a stronger driver for national agro-business, however […]

EU labour market: covering shortages in skills

Labour market challenges and the opportunities of labour migration were discussed by the EU economic and social partners in order to tackle these issues. Exchanging views and best practices were needed in regard of a new labour migration platform to formulate most effective measures to attract skilled and talented people to the EU. These policy […]

Swedish presidency in the EU Council: supreme diplomatic skills needed

Sweden’s term at the helm of the Council of the European Union is going to be particularly challenging due to mounting continental crises in growth, energy, post-pandemic syndrome, etc. Tough legislative agenda is expected during a half-year presidency, which required agreement among the member states, as well as the Commission and European Parliament on most […]

The ERC’s agenda and the EU research and innovation perspectives

According to the President of the European Research Council (ERC) Maria Leptin, expressed recently in the Robert Foundation’s policy paper, the EU is able to “produce the cutting-edge knowledge needed for economies on the technological frontier to grow further and for Europe to remain a leader at global level”. However, numerous barriers are on the […]

Damage to health: can citizens sue their governments?

The judges of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) founded that the EU legislation did not confer citizens’ right to sue the state. However, it stressed that individuals can force governments to take measures to comply with the EU-wide legislation concerning ecological limits to growth connected to air pollution.

European legislative future: perspectives for 2023-24

Presidents of the three most vital EU institutions –the Parliament, Council and Commission – signed a joint declaration on the legislative priorities for the EU member states during 2023-24. Joint declaration formulates the EU’s vital components of European integration in the years to come: numerous working documents accompanying the declaration include 164 key legislative proposals […]

New EU agro-policy: strategic guidelines and national plans

In mid-December 2022, the Commission finalised national strategic plans in ago-policies: 2023 is going to be the year of new directions in the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy, CAP with orientations on not only on fair, flexible, greener and more social agricultural production; the EU CAP will also promote sustainable and high quality agro-food both in […]