Biotechnology and biomanufacturing in the EU: perspective strategy

Views: 15In March 2024, the Commission proposed a series of actions to boost biotechnology and biomanufacturing in the member states. In the Commission communication, existing challenges and barriers are identified in the process of “building the future with nature”; some other measures are visualized coped in line with the EU-wide long-term competitiveness program. These twin-sectors […]

Practical guidance to the AI’s future: Scandinavian initiative

Views: 6Artificial intelligent experts, business leaders and policy makers are governing at the Future Talent Summit in Stockholm (June 18-19) to discuss the AI’s impact on numerous social, corporate, educational and cultural issues. It is regarded as the most influential AI conference this year in Europe and the world with regarding a “paradigm shift” in […]

European new governance framework: reshuffling political economy’s patterns

Views: 41The new EU-wide economic governance framework is designed to assist the member states in dealing with the modern challenges and accomplishing the recovery/resilience process. Hence, the reform underlines two indispensable and mutually reinforcing directions: the prudent fiscal strategies (as well as investments) and transitional efforts that enhance sustainable and resilient political economies. Our comment […]

European “health union”: EU-wide approaches and solutions

Views: 10The Commission introduced recently a double strategy in approaching to EU-wide public health integration, i.e. concerning supply of medicines to citizens in the member states “at all times and at affordable prices”; the strategy included both the regulatory and industrial dimensions. Besides, the Critical Medicines Alliance announced last October is aimed at stimulating and […]

The fifth EU’s enlargement: “ever growing Union” and some expectations

Views: 10On 1 May 2004, the then Commission President R. Prodi pronounced the fifth and the largest in the EU’s history; since then, three more countries have joined the EU. Presently, the desire to join the EU is growing: the Western Balkans wanted to be a “part of the family” and negotiations with Ukraine and […]

Digital platforms in Europe: the size matters

Views: 13There are presently more than twenty digital platforms and search engines in the EU-27; they all have to comply with the general obligations under the digital law. Some main general provisions include the obligations for online marketplaces to: a) ensure the traceability of traders on their platforms; b) design their interface to facilitate traders’ […]

EU-wide priorities at the end of the Commission’s term…

Views: 8The Commission President underlined several priorities that have been valid at the end of the Commission’s College five years’ term: public investments in strategic sectors (with the stress on commodities), reducing the cost of energy, addressing the labor and skills shortage, and facilitating external trade.