Transformative and accelerated actions towards SDGs-2030

Hits: 23Recent summit of global leaders at the UN Headquarters in New York at the end of September were aimed at reviewing the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs. Besides, it provided a high-level political guidance on transformative and accelerated actions leading to achieving the SDGs by 2030, which […]

European green transition: problems and solutions

Hits: 10Most countries are presently both combating to recover after the global pandemic and facing numerous challenges to economy coped with deepening impact of climate change. Progress towards reaching SDGs (sustainable development goals) has been slower than required to achieve the timeline laid out in 2015; the year 2023 marks the halfway point to 2030. […]

European Education Area: initiatives towards more interconnected continent

Hits: 36Due to supplement EU competence in education and culture, the European Education Area, EEA is a process of intensive dialogue and joint actions with the member states. Hence, the EU member states actively cooperate to overcome existing and coming challenges adding to the momentum of creating the EEA; the efforts are based on Commission’s […]

Modern facets in European future

Hits: 7The European Commission is eager to lay the foundations for Europe’s future with the help of more socially active citizens, resilient societies, sustainable economies and businesses. Most citizens in the EU-27 have faith in the European integration and hope for the future and trust in the Union’s strength. However, modern challenges require vigorous national […]

European digital decade: progress and perspectives

Hits: 27At the end of September 2023, the Commission published first “Digital Decade Report” revealing EU’s progress towards digital transformation as set out in the “Digital Decade Program-2030”. The report highlights the need to accelerate and deepen the EU-wide efforts in policy measures and investment in digital technologies, skills and infrastructures. Besides, it includes concrete […]

The 14th annual EUSBSR forum: resolving modern challenges

Hits: 39The EUSBSR-forum in Riga (4-6.10.2023) has in its agenda four main goals: exchange of best practices of cooperation, stronger integration within the Baltic Sea Region and beyond, forming synergies between various priority areas, and creating links between the strategy and the public. In the forum’s background will be the EU new Cohesion Report (issued […]

Transformations in the EU’s political economy: facing modern crises

Hits: 11Global and European challenges fundamentally changing present political economy’s patterns in modern states’ governance. This article attracts attention to some most vital aspects in political economy’s transformations already initiated by the European Union institutions, such as “green deal”, competitiveness, digitalisation and energy. 

Educational quality and policy transformations

Hits: 9In the mid-term of SDGs implementation, education providers in Europe and around the world attract attention to qualitative content in dealing with sustainability issues. The process is complicated due to the fact that modern approaches to sustainability are inherently based on bridging existing gaps between rapid development of natural, exact and social sciences, technology […]

European “state-of -the Union” address: dealing with modern challenges

Hits: 7Delivering annual “state-of-the Union”, SOTEU-23 address to the European Parliament on 13 September Commission President claimed that her office had kept over 90 percent of the pledges made about four years ago in the then program for a green, digital and geopolitical Europe. She also revealed the future in which a Union of nations, […]