Digital Operational Resilience Act, DORA: strengthening European financial security

Views: 27The three European supervisory authorities: the European Banking Authority, EBA; the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority, EIOPA, and the European Securities and Markets Authority, ESMA are preparing a set of policy actions facing a final regulation’s application date in January 2025. Besides, the DORA regulation empowers the Commission to adopt delegated and implementing […]

European “health union”: EU-wide approaches and solutions

Views: 22The Commission introduced recently a double strategy in approaching to EU-wide public health integration, i.e. concerning supply of medicines to citizens in the member states “at all times and at affordable prices”; the strategy included both the regulatory and industrial dimensions. Besides, the Critical Medicines Alliance announced last October is aimed at stimulating and […]

Digital platforms in Europe: the size matters

Views: 38There are presently more than twenty digital platforms and search engines in the EU-27; they all have to comply with the general obligations under the digital law. Some main general provisions include the obligations for online marketplaces to: a) ensure the traceability of traders on their platforms; b) design their interface to facilitate traders’ […]

Consolidating sustainable and long-term growth in Europe

Views: 19Four main areas of actions by the EU institutions and the member states have been underlined at the recent EU summit: a) efficient use of available financial resources, b) effective and affordable energy facilities for households and businesses, c) addressing the lack of skills that affects European socio-economic development, and d) competitive external trade […]

“Repowering” Europe: energy policy’s strategy in action

Views: 26Specific EU-wide program called REPowerEU is aimed at assisting the member states in three main developmental directions: a) saving energy, b) clean energy production and use, and c) diversifying the states’ energy supplies coped with a wide use of renewables. The program’s implementation helps, e.g. to safeguarded the households in EU and businesses from […]

European clean energy transition: dialogues with the stockholders

Views: 39Industrial development in the EU member states has a vital role in the green transition. Besides, with a view to a sustainable Europe, the “green deal” remains the EU-wide industry and growth strategy. Current geopolitical context has strengthened the intentions to maintain boosting Europe’s global position in strategic zero and low carbon energy technologies. […]

Critical raw materials: new trends in European policy

Views: 35Supporting EU-wide clean energy technologies and development, as well as promoting the EU policies contributing to resilient value chains (to concentrate on the minerals and metals supply chains) are presently most relevant for the clean energy agenda in the member states.  

Open and competitive digital market in Europe: urgent necessity

Views: 28During last four years the EU’s institutions, mainly the Commission, have been elaborating effective measures to manage the digital challenge in the member states. Two vital legislative acts have been adopted and enforced recently involving both the digital market and the services:  a) concerning the EU-wide digital services’ facilities, and b) optimizing the functioning […]

Targeted actions to boost European bio-technology and bio-manufacturing

Views: 35Present socio-economic, demographic and environmental challenges are reinforcing the bio-economy’s industrial dimension and its closer links with the biotechnology and bio-manufacturing sectors. Corresponding Commission’s actions will contribute to stronger economy in the member states and stimulate the demand and market uptake for bio-manufactured products.