Fading European economy’s motor: frightening deindustrialization in Germany

Hits: 41Recent article in Politico revealed some frightening for the EU-wide growth signs of economic decline in Germany. The main reason is a “toxic mixture” of such new factors in contemporary growth as high energy costs (though in some EU states energy prices have already fallen to pre-2012 levels), skilled-worker shortages and red tape, etc. […]

European strategy for universities: progress and perspectives

Hits: 10Since the end of 2017, the EU institutions and the member states’ governance have elaborated a number of initiatives (following the Gothenburg Summit) aimed at reforming the EU-wide vision for education and culture. Thus, the European strategy for universities aims at supporting and enabling universities to adapt to changing conditions, to thrive and to […]

Social market economy and social enterprises in the European governance

Hits: 36From its inception, the European Union has been striving to pursue the social-market economy’s concept in the member states’ development and national growth patterns. Therefore, the so-called social enterprises are presently playing increasing role in the EU-wide and states’ economy by prioritizing social, environmental and climate mitigation goals alongside creating substantial profits.   

European circular economy: urgent measures needed to reduce waste

Hits: 11Recent Commission’s assessment report on the EU-wide goals towards reducing landfill municipal waste by 2035 underlined that only nine EU states – or just one-third of the block – were able to reach the goals. The report also presented some initiatives that could contribute to a more circular economy’s patterns and would support the […]

Vital financial steps to secure post-pandemic employment: European approach

Hits: 11European program in temporary support to mitigate unemployment risks in emergency in the member states -popularly known as SURE – was aimed at mobilizing significant financial means to combat some negative posy-pandemic economic and social consequences. SURE already provided financial assistance of about €100 billion within just a couple of years (in the form […]

Quality education through new forms and means

Hits: 41The European institutions suggested some new education methods and tools to help schools and universities in the member states to accommodate to modern challenges and to activate progressive sustainability teaching. All levels of education and training in the states (incl. schools and universities) have to reach three vital objectives. 

Complying with the EU law: infringement package for June

Hits: 13In its regular package of infringement decisions, the European Commission pursues legal action against EU member states (starting in June) for failing to comply with their obligations under EU law. These decisions, covering various sectors and EU policy areas, aim to ensure the proper application of EU law for the benefit of citizens and […]