European budget for 2024: priorities and perspectives

Hits: 6In November 2023, the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union reached an agreement on the EU budget for 2024, which is expected to assist addressing most urgent issues for the 27 EU states, as well as European neighboring countries. The article reveals some priorities in the next year budget and urgently […]

University alliances: ways to reform EU-wide and states’ education policies

Hits: 11The European University Alliances, EUAs are having already a turbulent history: initiated in 2018, there presently about 50 universities’ networks from numerous European countries “uniting” 430 higher education institutions, HEIs in 35 countries. The process is really revolutionizing the EU-wide education and training, however not without some drawbacks.  

Nature restoration in Europe: legal aspects

Hits: 10In the beginning of November 2023, a provisional agreement was reached between the European Parliament and the Council on the Nature Restoration Law (the draft was adopted in June 2022); when enforced, it will be applied in all EU member states. The law will be a key contribution to reaching climate neutrality by 2050 […]

European social market economy: growth concept

Hits: 9The European integration “project” with its seventy years experience is based on a specific development model called “social market economy”, in which the member states’ growth sectors are heavily regulated by the EU institutions. Particularly, the post-pandemic period has shown the growing amount of the EU support for states in the transition to new […]

Fisheries in the Baltic region: modern reforms and initiatives

Hits: 12EU states and fisheries sector are contributing to the recovery of fish stocks in the sea basins. Still more efforts are needed to fully implement the common fishery policy, CFP which contributes to a healthier marine environment and maintains the sectors’ profitability in the coming decades. Along with other priorities, it is crucial to […]

Artificial Intelligence’s safety summit: formulating perspective priorities

Hits: 15The global community is entering a completely new and different digital era witnessing a coming period where computers start acting human-kind and hopefully “intelligently”. With the complexity of the AIs facilities, the issues of safety are becoming more complex. At the recent AI safety summit in London the EU suggested four perspective priorities aimed […]

Global energy situation: problems and outcomes

Hits: 14Newly published world energy’s outlook explores structural shifts in economies and in energy use worldwide. Global energy consumption will grow by about two percent in 2024, largely driven by strong demand in Asia. Despite still-high prices and unsolved supply chain disruptions, demand for fossil fuels will reach record levels, but demand for renewable energy […]

Global agreement on artificial intelligence: visualizing perspectives

Hits: 16The G7 adopted internationally guiding principles and the voluntary code of conduct to guarantee the safety and fundamental rights of people and businesses in using numerous AIs applications. The agreement will strengthen the AI uptake, investment and innovation reflecting the EU values to promote trustworthy AIs. 

European defense strategy: industrial aspects

Hits: 15European defense integration is gaining speed as modern military conflicts require the EU-wide response. Commission is coordinating the member states’ efforts through new “instruments” to support such actions as e.g. joint acquisition of weapons, transferring urgently needed defense equipment and establishing the EU Defense Union. Besides, present vulnerable global geopolitical and security situation shows […]

European economy’s perspectives: the EU tripartite social summit

Hits: 11The Tripartite Social Summit takes place twice a year ahead of European Council meetings. It is co-chaired by the Presidents of the European Council and the Commission and attended by the Head of State or Government representing the rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU.