Modernising the EU’s legislation: Commission’s initiative

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The European Commission has launched the Fit for Future Platform, F4F as the high-level expert group, which will help the Commission to simplify existing EU laws and reduce administrative burden for citizens and businesses. It will also help ensure that the EU legislation remains future-proof and tackling numerous new global and European challenges.

Eugene Eteris, EII Director, Copenhagen

 Legal simplification and reduction of regulatory burden, particularly for businesses and SMEs, is particularly important in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Both the EU institutions and the member states have to explore how to deal with the modern challenges, like digitalisation, sustainability, green growth, etc. while ensuring that the EU legislation remains forward-looking and fit to deal with the new challenges.

The Fit for Future Platform, F4F would consist of both government and non-government professionals from representatives of the EU institutions, the member states’ national, regional and local levels, and other stakeholders with practical expertise in various policy areas. They will provide input to the Platform’s work on legal simplification and regulatory burden reduction, as well as exchanging their views on existing laws and proposals for new EU policies via the Have Your Say portal.

The Commission also published the call for applications to select experts for the Platform; its members will include specialists from all walks of science and management able to represent the interests of organisations in their field, i.e. business community, social partners and civil society organisations having direct experience in the application of Union legislation; applications can be submitted until 19 June 2020; the documents are available at:

The Commission from its start has been committed to simplifying the EU laws and reducing unnecessary costs as part of its regulatory fitness and performance (REFIT) programme. It is important that the EU legislation continue to be relevant, providing new trends and facing numerous new challenges, such as digitalisation, sustainability and circular economy. Thus, the EU laws should deliver maximum benefits to citizens, national economies and SMEs.

 On REFIT in:

The Fit for Future Platform will succeed the REFIT platform, building on its 2015-19-years’ experience during which the REFIT platform supported the process of simplifying the EU legislation and reducing regulatory burdens, for the benefit of civil society, business and public authorities. It made recommendations to the Commission, taking into account suggestions made by citizens and interested parties.

More information in

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Reference: Commission press release, Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President for Inter-institutional Relations and Foresight speech; 11 May, 2020 at:

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